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TeamPages Text Messaging

We are bombarded daily with notifications from all sorts of applications.  Social media, calendars, emails, and groups chats to name a few.  Sometimes things get lost in the shuffle, and we forget to check our notifications, or turn them off so we can focus.  This can be a problem for team managers who are trying to keep their members organized and updated about important team news.

The good news is, people still check one particular notification without a doubt, and that is text messages.  With TeamPages text messaging, you can send important news to your team via text message to ensure that they hear you loud and clear!  All your team members need to do is opt-in to receive your messages and you will have a direct line to them anytime.

For a full walkthrough on getting set up with text messaging and sending text messages, watch this TeamPages Tutorial video.

How to opt in for text messaging:

Log in to your TeamPages profile and navigate to your settings area.

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 1.00.28 PM

Under ‘Contact Information’, scroll down to find the ‘SMS Information’ section.  Enter your phone number and click ‘save’.  

TeamPages Text Messaging

You will receive a text from TeamPages with a verification code.  Click on the link or return to your settings area and enter the code in the box provided to complete the verification.

TeamPages Text Messaging

Next, users must opt-in to receive text messages in the notification settings area.

TeamPages Text Messaging

Congrats! You are all set up to receive text messages from your team!


How to send a text message:

On the home page for your team, chose ‘communication’ from the navigation. If you do not see communication, you may need to add it to your navigation from the pages and link settings area.

TeamPages Text Messaging

Once on the communication page, you will see the option to send your email as a text message.  If you do not see this option, it is because you have no upgraded to TeamPages Pro. Compare the basic and pro packages here.

TeamPages Text Messaging

You will notice that the subject line disappears when sending a text, and you are limited to 100 characters. Your email will also be sent as a TeamPages message to all your members, so you can ensure you are reaching everyone, including those people who aren’t opted in to text messaging.

You can also send text messages via our mobile app.  Compose your message and if you are able to send your message via text, you will be prompted to do so when you click send.

TeamPages Text Messaging


If you need setting up text messaging, our support staff is always happy to help.  You can call us Monday – Friday 9-5 PST at 1-800-500-7208 or email us at

Once again, you can see all these steps in action in this TeamPages Tutorial video!


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