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USA Hockey LogoWe know how much time it can take to have to manually look up hockey membership numbers, verify them, and then push players through the registration process. That’s why TeamPages has teamed up with USA Hockey to integrate our registration and association management software.

Now you don’t have to lift a finger—online registration syncs up with USA Hockey’s database to instantly verify and approve memberships, letting your players complete their USA Hockey registration in one smooth, fast process.

How does it work?

  1. Add verification in registration request. When you are putting together your TeamPages Registration form, simply select that you’d like to include USA Hockey verification in your registration sign up form.
  2. Prompt included in your registration form. When athletes (or parents on their behalf) are signing up for the season, they will be prompted to enter in their valid USA Hockey Member Number.
  3. Verification completed. We’ll validate that the membership is active and valid. If it is, they will be able to complete the registration. If it isn’t, they’ll receive a notification that they need to get an active membership to continue to register.

Learn More

Learn more about registration and member verification services by scheduling a call with a TeamPages representative through our Club and League Overview page:

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