Why Your League Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website


One of the benefits of working with thousands of youth sports organizations is that we get a ton of data to analyze. In fact, it was this data that helped steer us towards building better mobile tools for our customers as we saw over 50% of their website traffic was from phones and tablets. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what you need to consider for your league website to ensure an enjoyable experience for your members.TeamPages Mobile Website

Load Time and Data Usage

Recent studies have indicated that mobile users who visit a large website on their mobile phones are unhappy with the amount of time the site takes to load. Additionally, there can be data costs that the user acquires that can cost them money. If the user can’t access your site on a mobile device in a timely manner, they will abandon it, so make sure that criteria like load time are taken into consideration when it comes to building the mobile site for your sports league website.

User Experience Is Key

Many mobile website users complain about the terrible experiences they endure when trying to view and navigate websites that are not designed for a mobile user. The sites appear clunky, slow and can even be difficult to read. Traditional website designs are created for viewing on a computer screen and it takes a special degree of know-how to adapt a site for smaller mobile screens. Consider having a professional web company properly optimize and design your league and associated website for optimal mobile website viewing.

Mobile-Friendly Means More Visitors

Websites that are designed for viewing on mobile devices and considered mobile-friendly by the search engines can expect to see higher mobile search ranking from top search engines. Mobile websites include web pages that load faster, and the user experience is much more satisfying. The resulting higher search engine results can’t help but result in more visitors overall, which means more awareness and visibility for your league.

Get More Returning Visitors

If your league website is optimized for mobile website visitors, you stand a better chance of having them come back again. This keeps them up to date on relevant information in regards to your team, upcoming events, and so forth – an absolute must when it comes to building a thriving web community that continues to grow into the future.

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