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My TeamPages looks … different.  What happened?

On Monday evening, TeamPages began defaulting all new clients to a brand new theme.  We changed the default theme because we finally felt that our new theme was ready for prime time and that we’d finally ironed out the kinks.



Our default themes now properly support:

  • IE 8+
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari, including mobile Safari

The biggest news here is that new TeamPages sites now look great on your mobile phone – in addition to your regular browser.

All of these themes were designed to change up how they look so that they look best for the tool you’re using to view them.  All of these themes improve site navigation and add breadcrumbs to help you navigate the site more easily.  Some of these themes give you a bigger news slider.  You’ll also get more options to control the colors used on your site.

If you’ve got this far, perhaps you’re wondering if this is just a gift for new clients, or whether you need to pay to get access to a new, good looking site.  That is absolutely not the case; you can change your site theme by heading to the settings area for your team, club, league or organization and then choosing the “Themes” option in the left hand menu options.

If you’re worried about problems, we’ve had some clients using these new themes for over six months.  We’re releasing them because they’re ready – and well tested.

Please note that some of these themes offer new places to put widgets, so we cannot properly map widgets when you switch themes to the correct column.  As part of upgrading, you may need to rearrange the widgets on your home page.  Also, some of these new themes are wider, and you may want to upload a new banner – otherwise your existing banner will simply be enlarged.

PS – For those of you still using IE 8, we appreciate your tenacity.  However, we’re finding that we can offer a much better experience on a  more modern browser.  If you cannot upgrade to a more modern version of Internet Explorer, we encourage you to try Chrome or Firefox.

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