You Can Now Post Announcements from Email


TeamPages is always looking for way to make it easier to manage and create your announcements, which is why we’re excited to unveil our new email feature.

This addition will give you an option to format and post your team, league, club, and organization announcements directly from your mailbox on the go. Let us demonstrate how it works!

For this demonstration we will post a team announcement from our email address. Similar approach is used for leagues, clubs and organizations.

Step 0: Setting up your web address

This step can be skipped if you already have a web address setup for your team. By web address we are referring to the url that you can type in the address bar to access your team. This usually includes, but not limited to: TeamPages subdomains like “”, your custom domain like “” and finally league/club/organization subdomains like “”

If you do not have a web address already set up, then let us show you how to do it!

Setting up a Web Address

We will start off by clicking on the settings button located in the top right corner of the page. This should take you automatically to the General setting menu, if not then click on the “General” link in the sidebar. On the General settings page you will see a field called Web Address. Here you can type in the subdomain for your team, which gives you a quick access to your team from anywhere on the web. Once you have chosen the appropriate subdomain click on the save button at the bottom of the page.



After you have clicked on the save button you will see a confirmation message as shown below. With that said, make sure that your newly added subdomain is actually displayed in the Web Address field, otherwise the subdomain was not saved successfully. This usually happens due to the subdomain already being in use and you will have to chose a different one.


Double check that the address is bringing up your team by typing in the full address, as displayed in the Website Address field, into the browser (ex:

Step 1: Enabling Email Management Setting

We will begin this step by enabling the post announcement via email setting.  To do so, click on the Settings button located in the top right corner and then select the Privacy & Permissions link in the side menu. (Note: For organizations, clubs and leagues this link is called just Privacy). Scroll to the bottom of the page where will see a new checkbox option called “Post announcements via email”. You will need to mark this checkbox in order to enable this feature.


Your website can now post announcements via emails.

Step 2: Writing the Announcement from Email

Create a new email from you team’s admin email account (i.e the email address of your admin account).

In the To: field put one of the following addresses:

If you have a Teampages subdomain address (created in step 0) put

If you have your own domain put

If you have a subdomain from your organization/club/league put

The Subject field of the email is the announcement’s title

The Body of the email is the content of the announcement. Keep in mind that the body doesn’t have to be just text. We support many HTML tags such as bolding, creating lists, adding links, images, and much more. You can also add documents and images attachments. However, the followings restrictions are imposed on your attachments:

  • Only 1 image attachment per announcement, which has to be at least 150 x 150 pixels. The attached image will be displayed as the announcement image.
  • Only 1 document attachment per announcement with the size no bigger than 2.5mb
  • The following image formats are supported: jpg, png, bmp, and gif
  • The following document formats are supported: word, ppt,  xsl,  pdf,  csv,  html, and plain

When you are done composing your announcement click on send.


(For this demonstration we are using Mozilla Thunderbird mail client. Similar results are achieved from other mail clients or webmail)

Congratulations, you have successfully posted an announcement using your email. You will receive a confirmation email shortly. (Note: depending on how busy our servers are, this process might take anywhere from 10 second to 15 minutes)

Step 3: Verifying the email announcement

Now lets verify that our announcement was successfully posted. Go back to your team website and click on the “News” tab in the navigation to see all your announcements. (Note: For organizations, clubs and leagues this menu is called “Announcements” )

You should see your announcement posted!


(If the announcement does not appear you will receive an email with the appropriate error message)

Thank you for taking your time and reading this blog. If you have any questions or feedback about this feature do not hesitate and ask in the comments below.

Oleg Matvejev

About This Author

Oleg is a computer science student at Simon Fraser University. He is currently doing a software developer co-op term at TeamPages.

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