Welcome Peter Cosgrove our new Community Manager


Hello everybody as a new staff member, I’m very excited to be coming on board to help you guys out as much as possible. As a former professional soccer coach I know how it can be to have so many admin duties to record (goal scorers, assists, players, referees, coaching drills etc.) when you’d much rather spend more time on player development. At university I studied how sport positively affects communities and people’s lives and my biggest aspiration is to get more people playing sport or taking part in physical activity. I’m excited to help TeamPages users spend less time behind a desk and more time on the field, so please feel free to contact me anytime you like.


And now for our 5 favourite questions for new staff…

1. What do you hope to bring to TeamPages?
I’m hoping to bring a new lease of life on the social media side of TeamPages as I see it as great way to communicate with our new and current community.

2. Since you’ve moved from the UK to Canada which sports are you looking forward to in North America?
The winter Olympics, I attended a couple of the summer events in London last year and it was incredible. I’m also a big basketball fan so will travel to the US to watch some big games.

3. If you could hang out with 1 celebrity for the day who would you choose?
Will Smith! He’s my hero the guys done it all acting, rapping, producer, good at sports plus he’s just way to cool. Jim Carey would be a close 2nd.

4. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Mean Girls, every time it’s on TV I’ll watch it. It’s like so fetch.

5. What is your first ever sporting memory?
In the UK we play a game called rounder’s which is very similar to softball. I was about 8 years old, bases loaded, last batter up and hit a homerun to win the game. It still makes me happy to this day.

Peter Cosgrove

About This Author

Peter is a former professional sports coach and current community manager for teampages.com

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