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The West Marin Youth Soccer League is a member of  the  California Youth Soccer Association  that covers the northern region of California. They offer both a recreational and competitive program with approximately 350 members.

Like most non-profit sport organizations, the WMYSL is volunteer based where funding and financial resources are tight.  With a lean budget and not much to spend in the way of a sports website, the WMYSL was formerly using a simple, static website to provide information to their membership and the general public.  When asked how league schedules were communicated to their members, Bruno Alicke, one of the board members of the WMYSL, lamented how league games were communicated via email where coaches had to rely on “calendar print outs or saving that email” in order to remember game information.

Looking for a more reliable, automated, and effective way to communicate league schedules to his membership at a minimum cost, Bruno went on the search for an ideal sports website solution.  At the time, Bruno was also managing one  of the competitive teams of West Marin, the Ross Valley Breakers U10, and started to use TeamPages to manage his team.   Bruno stated, “I was floored on how easy and simple it (TeamPages) was to use… and the rest is history”.  With TeamPages in mind, he was was also considering other potential league management software solutions, including Demosphere, Blue Sombrero, and LeagueOne.  In the end, it was TeamPages’ ease-of-use, effective calendar sharing, friendly staff, and low cost that won him over.

During the implementation phase of the TeamPages platform, Bruno found the software intuitive and easy to grasp. Although he found it extremely helpful that he could easily call his account manger or the support staff when ever he needed to.

What was once an administrative pain is now a “simple 20 minute task”.  For Bruno and the WMYSL, communicating league schedules to their membership is now fast and efficient.  Bruno is also confident that his members are always kept up-to-date with:

  • Instant email/SMS notifications
  • The “trickle-down” calendaring effect that ensures league games are instantly communicated on both the team and player/parent levels; and
  • TeamPages Attendance Tracking

Bruno and the WMYSL are dedicated fans of TeamPages and its simple calendaring system, as Bruno states, “I would need to see something monstrously beneficial to even think about switching from TeamPages”.

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