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Manhattan Beach Little League is a volunteer run organization and is part of Little League District 36 which includes teams from the Los Angeles South Bay region.  The MBLL was founded in 1958 and has grown to include now 11 different leagues, with boys and girls ranging from 5-14 and now consists of 150 teams and nearly 2000 families.

The MBLL for the better part of a decade had been organizing its leagues and teams through a combination of an HTML website, email, phone, online forums,  and on-site bulletin boards.  Newly elected board members Jim Shaw and Jeff Procter found the systems they inherited to be out-of-date and difficult to use.

“We wanted something easy to use and that would give our players and their parents a single place to visit for everything they needed to know about their team and the MBLL.” – Jim Shaw.

When Jim and the MBLL were first evaluating sports website solutions back in ’09, TeamPages  had  just expanded its team management software to include a package for leagues just like MBLL.  Incorporating social communication tools into sport specific websites, TeamPages empowered leagues to better engage their members by easily creating their own online communities.  Both Jeff and Jim saw an incredible opportunity in TeamPages to take the MBLL and create a  community that would engage their members and capture the excitement of their little league games in a rich interactive, online experience.

According to the MBLL, implementing TeamPages league management software was quick and easy to implement and only took a few hours  to:

  • Create the organization framework & design with 11 league sites and 150 Teampages.
  • Add all the  required league administrators and members, and essentially building the MBLL online community
  • Enrich the new site with league information,  photos, videos and documents

“TeamPages has been the perfect tool to get our league into the digital age!  We love having the tools to connect, schedule and communicate with our entire league community quickly and easily.” – Jeff Proctor

Behind the scenes both Jeff and Jim continued to work closely with the TeamPages staff, providing site feedback and receiving guidance on how to enhance the overall experience for their membership.

3 weeks after inviting their coaches to the new MBLL site and playing their first week of games, the online community was as vibrant as anyone could have anticipated.  With over 800 profiles created and 1550 email accounts registered, nearly every team is using the TeamPage to not only check league scores and standings, but also manage their rosters and stats while adding pictures and videos from the field.  Jim Proctor observing the level of user-engagement with their new MBLL site states, “Clearly, our members are coming to our site, getting to what they’re searching for quicker and then contributing to the site themselves”.

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