5 Tips to Help Grow Online Registration for your Club/League


Build Awareness:

  • Prepare your members well in advance of your online registration dates.  Be clear when online registration starts and ends with an equal emphasis on both
  • Educate your members on how they can register online and where they can access your online registration forms
  • Collect member email address whenever possible and send regular email updates to your members registration dates
  • Registration is an exciting time as it marks the start of a new sports season – create a buzz around your online registration period and get your members excited through email campaigns

Create Incentives:

  • Give your members an incentive to register early and online – in some cases, leagues will reward their members with a discounted fee for early registration
  • It’s a win/win situation: for the registrant they get a discounted rate and as a league administrator early registration means less headache when approaching the final deadlines

Consult with TeamPages Staff:

  • Consult with your Account Manager or TeamPages Support Staff on building your online form.  We will show you all the ins and outs of the online form builder and ensure that that your form is simple, easy-to-navigate, meets all your league requirements and does everything you want it to

Optimize your TeamPages’ Navigation:

Promote, promote, promote!

  • You’ve created the buzz around your online registration by educating your members and perhaps even offering  special prices for the early birds. Your members know when to register and how to do it.
  • You’ve also optimized your club/league page so that online registration is the primary focus on your website. Your online form is super easy to use, covers all your club/league requirements and ties in all your pricing accordingly.
  • Now it’s time to promote your TeamPage! Encourage your users to visit your club/league page as much as possible:
    • Create hyperlinks to your homepage and your online form in all of your out going emails, as well as in your Facebook, Twitter, and blog posts.
    • Secure a custom domain like www.vancouverwildcats.com so your site is easy to remember and find on the web
    • When you talk about your club/league you should always be talking about your TeamPage, “Check out our TeamPage at…”

Online registration is a simple tool that will help save you and your members a lot of time and headache.  Follow these 5 tips to ensure a smooth registration period and kick-off the new season on the right foot!


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