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Coach Magazine CoverFor those of you rocking the free version of TeamPages, you’ve likely seen some advertisements for YourCover.com recently.  And for those of your wondering what is they do – YourCover.com lets you to use an online design tool to create a personalized magazine cover all about your coach, team or season.  What makes this particular gift so unique is that not only do you upload your own photo but each headline is customized to be specifically about your coach, the season and the team.

At TeamPages, our goal is to provide you with as much value as possible, that’s why we are excited to announce an exclusive discount on a special gift/keepsake for your coach or team members.  Use promo code TEAMPAGES to receive a 15% discount on any purchase through June 30.

With YourCover.com you can also make a magazine cover for each player on the team.  Make the first cover using one player’s photo, customize the headlines to be about both the team and that player individually, then using the “copy” cover feature, copy the magazine cover, upload a photo of another player and then personalize the headlines to be about that particular player while maintaining the team headlines as well as the fonts and colors.  Each one is as unique as the player featured on the front cover. Don’t forget to include stats from the season or memorable plays and game highlights.

A YourCover Personalized Magazine Cover is a great gift for the coach or team members and pricing is very affordable beginning at just $12.95 for a photo file download that you print yourself (great for last minute shoppers – no shipping needed – immediate/instant delivery when you print it yourself).  However, YourCover can print it for you ($19.95 per print) and frames are also available.  Use the Sports Template at YourCover.com to create a unique keepsake of your season and don’t forget to use your promo code TEAMPAGES for an exclusive 15% discount.  Start Now by choosing the Sports template.

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