Twas The Night Before Christmas (Senior Softball Style)


We recently received this poem from George and Peggy Goldtrap from the Daytona Beach Senior Softball Association and thought it was too good not share with everyone this holiday season. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Twas The Night Before Christmas and out on the field,

The play was exciting – the tension was real

Henry’s in his team shirt and I’m in my cap

We bat 9 and 10 so we were taking a nap.

The game score was tied – excitement was high

Both teams were wishing they’d drawn a bye.

The top of the 7th – defense was a must

Everyone knew it was score here or bust.

The home team was primed with a steel tight infield,

And outfielders ready, no runs would they yield.

Now who is the batter, who’d become a big star

By slamming a homer from Strickland to Mars?

Could be Frankie, or Tom, Billy, Bruce, or By,

Who’d take up the challenge and hit to the sky?

The tension was building, the outfield was deep

All the fans-(who were able)-rose to their feet.

Teddy was ready his foot on the rubber,

Taking his time to avoid a big flubber,

What would he throw, what pitch would he serve,

A high outside spinner or a tight inside curve,

We waited, our breath held, our heartbeats erratic,

We knew when it happened, we’d all be ecstatic.

We waited for lightning to flash from the mound.

Would the speed of the pitch be faster than sound?

(Long Pause)

What happened, it’s shocking, I’ll explain more or less.

Teddy’s windup’s so long he’s still out there, I guess.

The fans fell asleep the players grew surly,

The ump warned Teddy, to quit acting squirrely.

But finally he delivered… a near perfect pitch,

It baffled the batter who could see every stitch.

He death gripped his bat, he planted his feet,

This want-to-be hero would not taste defeat.

Reared back in fervor he swung really hard

“I can’t possibly miss”, he proudly declared.

The ball waffled in, curved left and then right

We knew it was doomed to an out of sight flight.

Jerry made it, he’s safe, he’d hit it just right,
Shouting Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Written especially to honor the players of the Great Daytona Beach Senior Softball League at their 2009 Holiday party.

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