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We’ve recently added the ability to enter player stats on TeamPages!

Where to find them:

The first sports to try out this new feature include soccer, basketball, hockey and lacrosse. Baseball and Softball are in the works, so look out for them sometime this month.

How to use them:

To edit or add new game statistics click the “edit scores and statistics” link next to recently played games. Once entered, you can view all player stats for the season by clicking the “stats” link located in the player section of your TeamPage. Here is a screen shot of what you’re getting.

In addition to statistics, we have made a few tweaks and added more functionality to your TeamPage. These include:

  • printable views of schedules and roster lists
  • event photo albums that automatically link to your TeamPage
  • easier ways to find your friends on TeamPages
  • the ability to delete teams

It’s our goal to continuously make TeamPages more fun and useful, so if you have any feedback about these or any other features on TeamPages, please don’t hesitate to send us an email to or call us directly at 1-800-500-7203.

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Derek grew up playing almost every sport under the sun; from baseball to football to triathlons and marathons, he did it all. Since then he's found himself coaching little league baseball, playing soccer for a local club and working here at TeamPages as a sales manager. Derek often writes for the TeamPages blog when it comes to tutorials, FAQ's and product updates.

8 comments on “New Features on TeamPages

  1. Hi Jason,

    The way we’ve designed stats allows you to input the statistics into each game summary. After the game has passed in your schedule, you should be able to click “edit scores and stats” next to the recently played game. As soon as you save the statistics it will compile them into the overall season stats for each player. Let me know if you still can’t find them and we’ll look into it on our end.


  2. Guys, I have been a really big supporter of TeamPages from the beginning. If you look back over the last few months I can not imagine that anyone has given you more feedback than I. The great news is that you have always listened. In fact, most if not all of my suggestions have been added to the site – thank you. For a company to really listen to its customers is rare – you should be proud.

    However, I must say that you have really missed the boat with stats. It is impossible to find and once I did, it really did not offer what one is looking for. There will be no way that parents and grandparents will be able to find stats in their current condition.

    First, it should have its on section and not be hidden under player information.

    Second, because you do not have a way to distinguish between coaches and players you are prompted to enter stats for everyone – players, coaches, parents, etc…!!!!!

    Third, you have to have an option to protect stats from being viewed by players if that is the desire of the coach. This should work very similar to your documents privacy.

    Everyone should be able to view team stats

    I have searched the entire web for the best free to moderately priced sites to run my softball teams from and there are several out there – and are just a couple. However, neither one of those site does a decent job with stats as well. is still developing theirs. However, there is one site that does a decent job with stats that I would highly recommend you take a look at. It is not perfect but it is close with features like range of games to understand trends, stats against specific opponents, graphs, and password protection for individual players. The site is I would highly recommend you take a look.

    I hate to be overly critical of a site that is free (again thanks!) but the site is starting to get too many bugs to even use. The player roster section is a complete mess right now and simply does not work. Now that you have added stats it has gotten even worse.

    I hope you take my comments in a constructive manor but you should know I have parents giving up on using the site right now because they simply can not figure out how to navigate the page. You have got to make things more intuitive.

    Best of luck,

  3. Keith, we appreciate the support and feedback. I know the entire team here has read your post and we agree that statistics needs some tweaks.

    As you may already know, we try to include our community as much as possible while developing new features for TeamPages. Statistics, and more specifically baseball statistics, is something we put live as a bit of a test to see what kind of response it would receive. The fact that it is difficult to use (even to an advanced user such as yourself) is worrisome to us and is being looked at this week.

    One of the hesitations in making any overhaul changes to stats is the upcoming release of our new layout and navigation. Our goal is that the new navigation will not only it make it easier to get around TeamPages, but also fix a lot of the “hidden” features that are currently available to all users.

    Your feedback is always encouraged, so please keep it coming because we want TeamPages to be as easy, fun and intuitive as you do.


    P.S. Keith, if you would like to see what we’re cooking up here at TeamPages, give us a call here at the office or email me at

  4. Okay…my question is why can’t members view individual game stats? I can enter game stats and view them. But the only thing members can see are compiled season stats. Am I missing something?

  5. Jay, this looks to be the case with our basketball stats specifically…of course you’re not missing anything and this should be righted first thing Monday morning. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. My son is playing Minor Mosquito Rep this year and I was wondering if there is a list of rules and regulations that I can get access to. Thanks in advance!

    Melanie Hamilton

  7. Were you guys planning on adding Football stats to this site in the next couple of months? We have a football team and I was hoping to put up some stats this season. Thank you.

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