Tony Waiters of World of Soccer

World of Soccer Ltd. was incorporated in British Columbia, Canada in 1982 with Mr. Tony Waiters as President and Technical Director. The focus of the company then and now is on soccer coaching and teaching systems and products that generate team success through age-appropriate player development.

The company has from the beginning had success with its print-media products, developed to meet the needs of youth soccer coaches from the parent novice to the professional. The company’s first product (Coaching to Win. Toronto: Totem Books, Wm. Collins and Sons, 1984) taught the company how to author and self-publish, an approach still employed today.

During the late ’80s and early ’90s, the company offered one-week soccer camps through the World of Soccer School of Excellence program. Despite the program’s commercial success, Waiters was frustrated by the limited influence on young soccer players that could be achieved through direct contact in just one week. To achieve greater leverage, World of Soccer phased out the soccer camps to concentrate exclusively on the development of resource materials for coaches and their players.

Since that time, World of Soccer has published over 20 soccer coaching books authored or co-authored by Waiters, some of them translated into other languages upon request. Over 500,000 units have been sold, believed to make World of Soccer the leading publisher of soccer coaching books in North America.

These coaching manuals have been very well received, garnering numerous endorsements from all areas of youth soccer and validating Waiters’ coaching system. Despite this success, the company saw the need for a product aimed at the youngest levels of the sport. Extensive research and collaboration between other influential individuals in the sport led to development of the Total Player Development Program, a unified coaching system that recognizes the different coaching approaches needed for players ranging in age from 4 to adult. In the year 2000, the Canadian Soccer Association endorsed the TPD Program.

Since then, the TPD program has been improved and in effect, superceded by the Byte Size Coaching program.  Go to and take the Online Tour.

In February 2004, Byte Size Coaching through the World of Soccer came to an agreement with the English Football Association’s new FA Learning to establish a partnership.

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