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How To: Use TeamPages Text Messaging


TeamPages Text Messaging

We are bombarded daily with notifications from all sorts of applications.  Social media, calendars, emails, and groups chats to name a few.  Sometimes things get lost in the shuffle, and we forget to check our notifications, or turn them off so we can focus.  This can be a problem for team managers who are trying to keep their members organized and updated about important team news.

The good news is, people still check one particular notification without a doubt, and that is text messages.  With TeamPages text messaging, you can send important news to your team via text message to ensure that they hear you loud and clear!  All your team members need to do is opt-in to receive your messages and you will have a direct line to them anytime.

For a full walkthrough on getting set up with text messaging and sending text messages, watch this TeamPages Tutorial video.

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Maintaining Team Discipline


Team discipline as crucial to the overall success of any team endeavor. Not only do disciplined teams perform well on the field, but, if teams are able to maintain good discipline both on and off the field, the overall soccer experience is more positive for all involved, parents, players, coaches and administrators.

In fact, maintaining team discipline is one of the biggest fears or challenges for beginning coaches. Often, coaches are lost or ineffective because they are unable to maintain order and discipline with their team.

team discipline

Towards this end, I have included several brief suggestions on what I have found to be successful in maintaining good team discipline. Hopefully, you have developed your own “list” of what works for you. If not, let this serve as inspiration to come up with your own system.

Plan ahead

The single most important thing that can help is the coach’s organization. Here, if it is obvious to the players that practices are conducted in an orderly manner, with clear goals and objectives, they are more likely to treat both the coach and the training time seriously. If practices flow easily from one activity to the other with minimal “down time”, the players are able to stay focused on the task at hand. By making training meaningful, and educational, the players will be motivated to pay attention and keep focused. Read more

Customer Spotlight: Victoria Racquet Club


Victoria Raquet Club


Located in British Columbia, Victoria Racquet Club (VRC) has been an established leader in their local hockey community since being founded in 1966. Throughout their history, the VRC has continually developed elite hockey players, producing several NHL players in the process, such as Mel Bridgeman, Geoff and Russ Courtnall, Rick LaPointe, Jeff Batters, Tom Martin, Kent Manderville, Matt Pettinger and Ryan O’Byrne. The VRC currently supports over 200 players on approximately 12 teams. Read more

Which System of Play is Best for a Youth Soccer Team?


One of the biggest decisions that a youth coach faces when planning for his or her team is the decision of what system of play should be employed. In fact, this is a question that coaches want answered as they are looking for whatever edge they can get as they prepare their team for league play. As each coach plans for the beginning of the season, consideration needs to be given to what “system of play” the team is going to use.Youth Systems of Play

There are so many things to consider when picking a formation for your team, and these decisions are multiplied whenever a discussion is entered when the different age groups are considered.

When making this decision, I think it best to keep in mind a few basic principles, balancing them out, then, making our decision on what system to play.

Here are a few things that need to be considered when picking a system of play:
1. The decision should be based on the individual player characteristics and personalities on the team. For example, if the team has only one player that is effective at playing up front, they may decide to play a system that only has one striker, such as a 3-6-1, or a 4-5-1. If their keeper is not very mobile and thus makes the team vulnerable to balls played over the top of the defence, a team may decide to play with a sweeper. Look at the strengths and weaknesses of the team, and plug that in to the equation when looking to choose a system of play. Read more

How To: Sync Your TeamPages Calendar


TeamPages Calendar Sync

We all lead busy lives, and rely on technology to keep us organized!  You probably use a digital calendar such as Google Calendar or iCal to plan events and stay on top of things.  TeamPages also has a calendar that includes all your upcoming games, practices, and meetings, which you can access from your TeamPages profile or on the TeamPages mobile app!  Did you know that you can sync your TeamPages calendar with your main digital organizer to have everything in one place?  If your League, Club, or Team is using TeamPages Pro or All-Star, you can quickly sync your calendar.

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3 Sponsorship Request Templates for Youth Sports


In my last post I outlined not only why sponsorship is important, but where to look and how to ask.  I wanted to dive a little deeper into the “how” portion by leaving you with some example templates you can use for emailing local businesses.  Feel free to take these as they are, tailor them to match your own club, or use them as a rough script when you discuss this verbally.


#1 – The Marketing Approach

[Contact Name],

I am hoping to reach the person responsible for marketing and community outreach.  I am the [title] for [my organization], and am approaching you with an inexpensive opportunity to reach a large amount of families in your target geographic and demographic market.  

In case you’re not yet familiar with [my organization], we have a website that boasts [# visitors/month] and a regular mailing list of [# subscribers].  As part of all our sponsorship packages, we would proudly display your business’s logo and provide a link to your website that families can click through.  Finally, our Facebook page has [# likes], most of which are people in the [local] area, and we have volunteers dedicated to maintaining professional engagement with all of our fans.

[Contact first name], if you’d like to talk a little more about how you can affordably advertise with us, phone/email me back and I’ll be happy to chat with you.

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