is a new resource for youth soccer coaches that offers an extensive library of the best practice plans on the net. Launched in 2008, we aim to make life easier on coaches. We work with expert coaches from around America to produce complete and easy-to-use practice plans that are tailored to the unique learning requirements of different age groups and skill levels of hungry young soccer players. Our plans are cohesive and thorough, packed with fun games and useful coaching advice.

We exist to help every type of coach, whether a parent just learning the game or a veteran who recently won a state championship. Our plans emphasize competition and active learning so that players can spend more time playing and less time waiting around. Plans for beginner players help coaches run engaging games that focus on fundamental techniques and basic tactical awareness. Plans for more advanced players teach more complex tactics, training specific attacking and defensive strategies.

We also want to push the exposure and discussion of those often-overlooked elements of coaching that don’t fit within a particular practice plan. On the blog we publish articles and interviews on psychological and philosophical aspects of the game.

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