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TeamPages documents

It always feels so good to update a well-used feature in TeamPages in order to make it the best experience possible. We have long known our documents widget and uploader was not the most user-friendly tool, particularly for organizations with massive folder structures and a lot of documents.  We have stripped this tool down and built it back up with the following changes:

  • On-page file uploader
  • Improved category creator
  • Drag and drop re-ordering

Let’s take a look at this updated feature!

If you have the documents widget turned on, you will see it on the homepage of the website. Here it will showcase your documents and provide a link to view all or add new. The widget display of the documents is relatively unchanged.


When you click through to the documents page, either via the widget link or a menu item, you will see all the documents you have uploaded. To add a new document, simply click the ‘add document’ button at the top of the list.

TeamPages documents

An uploader form will open on-page where you can choose your file, give it a name, adjust permissions, and email it to your members. Any new documents will be added to the bottom of the list.

TeamPages documents

If you would like to add a document to an existing category, you can do that too! Beside each category, you will see a link to add a document. The uploader form will open inside the category you have selected and your document will be added to the bottom of the category list.

TeamPages documents

To add a new category, simply click ‘add category’ at the top of the page and give your category (folder) a name. The new category will be listed at the bottom of the documents list. Click and hold to drag it into position. You can also nest categories inside other categories.

TeamPages documents

You can now drag and drop all of your documents and categories into any position you wish. Documents will always go to the bottom of a category list if dropped into a closed category.

There you have it! Not more cumbersome uploader, un-intuitive category picker, or painful one-up/one-down re-arranging. We hope you enjoy the new documents tool and please let us know what you think!

Helen Wilkinson

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Helen Wilkinson is a user experience designer and web developer at TeamPages.

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