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Custom pages and widgets can contain any combination of text, images, and links.  In this post, we will be going over how to add an image to your page and size it for your needs.

1. Create a custom page from menus and pages area of your website settings, or edit an existing page.

TeamPages image upload


2. Click on the image icon to launch the image uploader window.

TeamPages image upload


3. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ tab and choose a file from your computer. Once chosen, click ‘Send it to the Server’.

TeamPages image upload


4. When the server is done processing your image, you will be directed back to the ‘Image Info’ tab.  Here, you can edit the size of your image.

TeamPages image upload


5. If you would like your image to link somewhere, you can set the link URL in under the ‘Link’ tab.

TeamPages image upload


5. Click save to place the image on the page. Much like text, you can select the image and use the paragraph alignment tools to move it from the left to the center or right side.

TeamPages image upload

Make sure to save your custom page!

We hope this post on adding an image to your page or widget has been helpful. If you need any assistance with this, you can contact our friendly support team at

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