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Victoria Raquet Club


Located in British Columbia, Victoria Racquet Club (VRC) has been an established leader in their local hockey community since being founded in 1966. Throughout their history, the VRC has continually developed elite hockey players, producing several NHL players in the process, such as Mel Bridgeman, Geoff and Russ Courtnall, Rick LaPointe, Jeff Batters, Tom Martin, Kent Manderville, Matt Pettinger and Ryan O’Byrne. The VRC currently supports over 200 players on approximately 12 teams.


When Derrick Volnik inherited the VRC website, he found the system to be cumbersome and felt it was more complex than it needed to be.

“Anytime I wanted to post something to the site, I was having to log in to the administrative portal, drill into a specific division to make an update, then go all the way back to the association home page, choose another division and do it all over again. As someone with an IT background, I knew this could be done a lot more easily.”

In addition to not being the easiest system to use, Derrick knew that in 2015, families’ expected the VRC’s website to be mobile-friendly.

“Our last provider was starting to support a mobile-responsive design, however it felt clunky and wasn’t inline with my expectations. When I contacted their support team to see if there was something we could do about it they were difficult to get on the phone and their email response times were extremely slow.”


After considering several association management software solutions, the VRC selected TeamPages.

“TeamPages system is very user-friendly and the value that TeamPages provided based on price point made it the best option for us.”

TeamPages’ association management platform is designed to help youth sports organizations better communicate with their members through a combination of mobile-friendly website, communication tools and mobile apps. Combined with a centralized database and integrated online registration, TeamPages provides associations with everything they need to run smoothly.

Victoria Raquet Club


For the VRC the biggest benefit the organization has experienced since implementing TeamPages is the user friendliness and general ease of use. Derrick credits the ease of use as a big reason why team participation on the website is way up.

“Whether it’s building a form for our online registration, or creating a new page of content to go in our menu, everything is point and click, drag and drop. It’s been really easy to use and hasn’t required much explanation to our coaches and parents.”

Lastly, Derrick also notes the organization’s satisfaction with the technical support and consistency of the database.

“TeamPages support team is very strong. The customer service is very easy to work with and that’s been a big plus for us. It’s also been very reliable as we haven’t had any issues with downtime on the server.”

Victoria Raquet Club

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