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Have you ever visited a website looking for a phone number or email address and struggled to find any contact information?  We’ve all had this experience, and it’s not one we want your members to have when looking to contact you!  You members should be able to find the best way to contact you and any additional information about you in one convenient place on your website.  With this in mind, we have developed a customizable contact page that you can easily fill out and put on your site, no formatting required!

The New Custom Contact Page Includes:

  • About Us section at the top for any general information you want to share.
  • Contacts table which showcases a picture, role, email, phone numbers, and a bio.  You can choose what you wish to share.
    • Contact table is formatted for you and looks great on mobile devices.
    • Privacy settings ensure you only share contact info with who you want.
  • Locations area allows you to share important locations that your members need to know about.
    • Maps are automatically pulled from Google maps.

Contact Page Example


How to set up your new contact page

In your settings area for your website, you will find the ‘Contact Page’ settings area listed on the left.  You can customize the name of your page and set an overall privacy setting for any contact information on this page.  This privacy setting can be overridden on a per-contact basis if needed.

TeamPages Contact Page

If you wish to add a brief introduction to your contact page, you can do so using the about us feature. Click to edit and name this section anything you like.  Add any text you want to share and click save.

TeamPages Contact Page - About us

At any time during the set-up process, you can view your contact page by clicking the link in the instructions.  Your page will not be visible to members until you add it to your menu.  We will cover this step at the end.  If your page is live, you can click on the link in the navigation to view it as well.

TeamPages Contact Page

Now you can begin to add contacts.  All fields are optional except ‘name’, so you can add as much information as you like.  You can override the contact page privacy setting here as well, so you can specify privacy on a per-contact basis.

add new contact

Once you have completed the form, you can click ‘save and add another’ to keep adding contacts.

If you have any locations you want to add, you can input the address and TeamPages will pull the map from Google for you.

TeamPages Contact Page - locations

Preview your contact page by clicking the link at the top of the settings area. If your page is live, you can click on the link in the navigation to view it as well.

TeamPages Contact Page


How to add your contact page to your website

When your contact page is ready to go live, navigate to your ‘menus and pages settings’ area.  Drag the contact page from the right to the left to put it into your menu bar.  You can double click on it to rename it if you like.

add contact page to menu

If you are a team using the free TeamPages package, simply uncheck ‘disable contact page’ in the ‘pages and links’ settings area and your contact page will appear in your main navigation.

pages and links


We hope you enjoy this new feature! We know your members will appreciate having an easy way to get in touch with you.

Give us a call or email us at if you need help setting up your new contact page!

Helen Wilkinson

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Helen Wilkinson is a user experience designer and web developer at TeamPages.

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