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One of the things that our users love about using TeamPages is all the customization options.  It is so much fun to choose a look and feel that represents your brand and puts your best face forward.  If you are just getting started with your new TeamPages website, or you are looking to make some updates, here is a customization checklist to keep you on track!

1. Add your logo.  Even if you are planning to use a custom background or banner image, it is important to upload your logo in the general settings area.  This logo will display on the mobile view of your website, and it will be the default symbol for your teams.  A .png format is ideal because it has a transparent background.

TeamPages Mobile Logos


2. Choose a website theme.  We have plenty of theme options to choose from, and they all offer a different layout. Check out this video from more information about themes:


3. Customize your website colors.  Depending on the theme you selected, you will have different color areas to customize.  For example, you can change the nav bar, the widget headers, the links, and the banner and background colors.  See all the options in action in this helpful video:


4. Arrange your widgets.  TeamPages is built on a very easy to use drag and drop system.  Click and hold a widget header to pick it up and drag it to a new location.  Turn widgets on and off in your settings area. Check out this video for more information:


5. Add a background image (optional).  A background image is a great way to make your site stand out and incorporate some of your player images.  Many TeamPages users opt-in to our design services to have a custom background designed just for them, you can see examples of these designs in our gallery.  You can upload any image you like for your background in the banner and background settings area.  Play around with the advanced settings to place it in different locations or tile it (repeat it vertically or horizontally).  We recommend choosing a background color that compliments your background design, or adding a faded edge, because people with larger screens will see the edges.

TeamPages Background Design


6. Add a banner image (optional). Instead of going all out with a background design, you may choose to keep your background simple with a solid colour or texture and upload a banner image.  Your banner image will replace the entire default banner, so make sure you incorporate your logo and name into your banner design.  


7. Link your social feeds.  If you have social platforms that you are active on, it is nice to share that activity on your TeamPages site.  Embed a facebook feed or twitter feed on your homepage to encourage new members to follow you and stay up to date!

TeamPages Embed Facebook Feed


8. Customize your menus. In the Menus and Pages settings area, you can drag and drop menu items into your main and sub navigations.  You can also create drop down menus and new page in this area.  Double click on a menu item to re-name it.


9. Add important content.

Documents.  You may have documents that you like to keep available to your members at all times.  Upload these to the documents area and you can organize them into folders as needed. Display these using the documents widget or have a documents page in your navigation.

Contact information.  Believe it or not, we get calls all the time from parents or members looking for contact information so they can register for a team or get more information about a league.  Don’t let these potential members fall through the cracks!  Make sure to create a contact page where you include at least an email address so people can reach out to you.

Roster Members.  A team is not a team without members! Now that your site is super spiffy, invite all your members to join you on TeamPages.

Let us know if this customization checklist worked for you, we hope you have fun playing with your settings and creating a unique look for your website!

Helen Wilkinson

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Helen Wilkinson is a user experience designer and web developer at TeamPages.

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