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TeamPages offers a robust form feature that allows you to create any kind of form you need to help manage your team, club, or league. Here are just a few examples of forms that come in handy:

  • Online Registration
  • Volunteer Sign-up
  • Jersey/uniform orders
  • Collecting online payments

The form editor is a simple drag and drop interface that allows you to build any kind of form structure you wish.  We offer dropdown menus, radio buttons, text inputs, and more!  We also have features to make it easier for your members to fill out multiple forms.  Let’s dive in!

How to Create a New Form

Go to the settings area for the team, club, or league you wish to create the form for.TeamPages form

Navigate to the form settings area and click ‘add+’.TeamPages form

An additional navigation bar will show up at the top.  We will be covering the first step: entering our form fields.TeamPages form

You will see all the form builder options on the left and your new form on the right.TeamPages form

Double click on your form title to edit it.  At any point in the form creation process, you can double click on a form item to edit the text.form5

We recommend that you put a brief introduction to your form at the top, below the title.  This is a great place to include any necessary instructions you need to communicate to your users.  You can also add multiple instructions boxes throughout your form if needed, using the ‘instructions’ form element.

Decide which type of form element best suits each of your questions.  Here are some things to consider when framing a question:

  1. Do you want to allow people to select multiple options?
  2. Does your question require an answer to a previous question?
  3. In what order to the questions make the most sense?
  4. Does your form have clear sections?

It is easier to view results from a survey that has used default answers (such as radio buttons or dropdown selection boxes) than text input fields (where people can write anything they want).  A text input field allows people to answer in their own words, but can be confusing to understand from an administrators perspective.  Try to be as clear as possible, and keep things short and simple.

As you go, you can drag and drop questions around to re-arrange the form.

Each form element has the type of element at the top (not viewable by end users), the title underneath (this is the question viewable by end users) and the possible answers/fields.  Here is an example of a multiple choice element before being edited and after. I have given it a question by double clicking and editing the title and I have filled out the options.  You can add more than the number of options by selecting the blue ‘add option’ link the corner. When you hover over an option, you have the ability to delete it.
TeamPages form

If you decide you do not need a form element, you can remove it from your form by clicking ‘remove’.TeamPages form

If you are collecting contact information, there are form elements specifically for this.  Use the phone form element rather than a plain text field because the phone element will only accept numbers, not letters.  Likewise, the email field will only accept a valid email address. This helps to ensure that your form gets filled out correctly. If you would like to be able to message members who fill out this form, you must collect an email address using the ‘email’ field option. TeamPages form

If you would like to separate your form into sections, you can use the line separator form element to create blocks.  You may also wish to add some instructions for each section if the form is complex or quite long.  Breaking up content makes it easier and more enjoyable for people to process.TeamPages form

If you have form fields that you absolutely need to get answered, make sure you mark them as ‘required’.  Marking a form element as required makes it impossible for the form to be submitted before the question(s) is answered. Simply click on the grey asterisk next to the field name and it will turn red to indicate that the field is required.TeamPages form

Some of your users may need to fill out your form more than once (for example, a parent might want to register three kids).  You can make this process easier by toggling on the copy field icon.  This icon will keep the field information for all the forms that a user fills out. For example, you may have an address field.  If you toggle the copy field icon on for this field, the user will only have to fill this out once. Every subsequent form they fill out will have their address saved.TeamPages form

We hope this post on creating professional forms with TeamPages has been helpful! For more information about form creation, including collecting payments, see this help article.  You can get in touch with us anytime at, or at 1-800-500-7203 Monday-Friday 9-5 PST.


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