Major Communication Center Update


TeamPages is excited to announce a whole new design for our communication centre!  Our new system makes communicating with your team simple and seamless, with all the standard features of your favourite email and chat providers.

You can view the new system by navigating to your messages area.  If you are on the new themes, you click the envelope icon in the upper right corner. If you are using TeamPages classic, you can access it under the ‘Inbox’ tab.

TeamPages Inbox

Once inside, you will see your messages displayed on the left side of the screen.  New messages are marked with a blue dot.  You have four messaging folders: inbox, send, archive, and trash.  You can select messages and mark them as read or unread, or move them around using the messaging toolbar.

TeamPages Inbox

Simply click on a message to open it.  Just like text messaging and chat systems, our communication centre displays the most recent message at the bottom of the stack.  You can scroll up to view past messages.  Type your response in the reply box and click send to join in the conversation!

We also offer the ability to reply to single individuals within a group message by using the ‘reply to _____’ shortcut within the message. Private messages are marked with an orange stripe and group messages are marked with a blue stripe.

To see only your communication with one other person, you can use the handy filtration system to hide all the other messages. Our new system also features a new documents dropdown menu.  You can view and download all the documents that are attached within this message thread here.


Lastly, we have implemented a search function.  Simply type in your search and hit enter to find what you are looking for.

The new communication centre is completely mobile responsive so you can enjoy using it on your phone or tablet.


We hope you enjoy the new TeamPages communication centre!  Please feel free to provide any feedback, it is always appreciated. For help with this new feature, please contact or give us a call at 1-800-500-7203.


Helen Wilkinson

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Helen Wilkinson is a user experience designer and web developer at TeamPages.

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