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For a long time now, you’ve been able to share links from YouTube or Vimeo. Now, we’re happy to announce that TeamPages Users will be able to directly upload videos to their site! We know that video lends itself very nicely to the action packed nature of sport, and with most cellphones now capable of capturing good quality video, we hope to see many users taking advantage of this new feature.

Here’s a quick look at how it works:


Screen 1

If you’re familiar with how adding videos worked in the past, you’ll notice that the options have changed a little. Now, you can choose whether your new video is going to be a link to a video on the web, or a direct upload from your device. The link option works exactly the same as it always has, but what happens when you click on New Upload?

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At long last! We’re ready for you to share all the videos you’ve been saving up. Have some highlights from your recent game? No problem! Want to show your team a new drill you’re going to be running next practice? Easy! Right now we’re supporting uploads of up to 5GB in size, or 30 minutes in length.

When you press the “Choose File” button, a window pops up which allows you to select a video file from your device. Just like always, you can set a title for the video, as well as a description if you so desire. If you’re uploading from a team, club, league, or organization, you’ll have the option to notify your subscribers via email that you’re uploading this video. Once you’re happy with all of the specifications, just press the green upload button in the corner to start the process! Much like other sites which allow video uploads (such as YouTube) you will have to stay on the current webpage until the video is done uploading to the cloud. After it uploads, we will also have to process the file before it’s ready for you to watch. Although this processing part can take a little bit longer, fortunately you’re able to freely navigate around while it’s doing so. In fact, we’ll even send you an email once it’s ready!

From the main videos page, there will also now be an option to download any videos that were uploaded by the page owner. Gone are the days of trying to email around highlight videos to everyone on your team, and having to deal with 10MB filesize limits. Now you’re able to upload it in one place and allow everyone to grab it as they will.

Mobile Support

Mobile Support

A growing proportion of videos are now being shot on cell phones or tablets. Fortunately, you won’t have to go through the hassle of transferring the video to your computer before you can upload it, because the video upload page runs great on mobile browsers (just like the entire site!)

We’re really excited to release this feature, and hope to see you all putting your best videos forward. Happy uploading!


Landon Trybuch

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Landon is a computer science student at Simon Fraser University. He is currently doing a software developer co-op term at TeamPages.

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