Even More Improvements to the Communication System! Pt. 2


In part 1 of this series, we introduced and showcased the new communication feature that made it easier to send a message to players who have completed a form. If you missed the 1st part of the series then it will be helpful to read Part 1 first.

In part 2, we’re moving away from forms and taking a look at the new tracking message read status feature. This new addition allows you to see detailed information about players who have viewed your message on TeamPages or in their mail client.


Let us walk you through a step by step tutorial on how this feature works.

Step 1: Creating  a new message

Before we can do anything, we need to create a new message. To create a message, navigate to your inbox by clicking on the mail icon, located in the top right corner, and selecting the ‘INBOX’ link form the drop down menu (indicated by red arrow on the screenshot below).



Once you reach your inbox click on the ‘NEW’ link (indicated by red arrow on the screenshot below) that will take you to the new message page.


Step 2: Sending new message

Now that we have reached the new message page (see screenshot below), we’ll send a demo message to a couple of players.

To message a player, begin by typing their name in the ‘To:’ box. A drop down menu should appear which allows you to add that player as a message recipient (for our demo message, we’ve attached 3 different recipients indicated by 1 on the screenshot below). Now that we have our recipients ready, we can fill in the title and body of our message (indicated by 2 on the screenshot below). Finally, to enable tracking, make sure to check the ‘Track read status’ checkbox (indicated by 3 on the screenshot below). When you are satisfied with your message, click on the green ‘SAVE’ button (indicated by 4 on the screenshot below) to send the message.


Step 3: Reading message

In this step, each recipient that is part of the message from step 2 will read the message.

Let’s begin by logging in onto the 1st recipient’s (‘Oleg Matvejev 3’ from the 2nd step screenshot) TeamPages account. Afterwards, navigate to that account’s inbox and open the message that we sent in step 2. By opening the message on TeamPages we marked that message as read.


For the 2nd recipient (‘Oleg Matvejev 2’ from step 2), we’ll open the message using a web-based email service. When you open the message’s notification email, you are marking it as read.



For the last recipient (‘Oleg Matvejev’ from step 2), we’ll mark the message as read using read receipts (keep in mind that read receipts are not supported by most web-based email services and are only available for certain mail clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird). In our case, we’ll open the email message using Thunderbird client. Once the email message is loaded, a read receipt header will appear that allows us to mark the message as read. Click on the ‘Send Return Receipt’ button to mark that we’ve read the email message (indicated by the red arrow on the screenshot below).



Step 4: Read Status Verification

Let’s check if anyone read our message. Open the original message from the message sender’s inbox. If you look at the bottom right corner of the message, you’ll see a new link telling us that our message was read by 3 people (indicated by red arrow on the screenshot below).


Press the ‘Seen by 3 people’ link from the screenshot above to see more information about the people who have read your message. A new popup window displaying information about the users who have read your message will appear.


We hope you enjoyed our previews of new communication features. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback about these features, please let us know in the comments below or in any other convenient for you way.

Oleg Matvejev

About This Author

Oleg is a computer science student at Simon Fraser University. He is currently doing a software developer co-op term at TeamPages.

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