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We know how important it is to be able to communicate with your teams, clubs, organizations, and other TeamPages users reliably, securely and on the go. To address all these concerns, we are excited to present you with the improved messaging system that is available to you today!

The new messaging system will give users more control when interacting with the messages from their mail clients. For instance, you can now choose to to reply to all of the message’s recipients or only the sender directly from your mail client. In addition, all of the replied messages from mail clients are now added to conversations and can then be viewed in your inbox on TeamPages. Finally, we have masked the message sender’s email address(s) and made sure that only the correct recipients are able to reply to messages from their mail clients.

Lets take a closer look at how the new reply features work!


Replying to All Recipients from the Mail Client:

Step 1: We will begin this demonstration by sending a message with multiple recipients, while making sure that the “reply all” option is checked.


Step 2: Both recipients should receive a notification email about the new message that was sent to them from TeamPages. We will login into one of the recipient’s mail client and wait until “Demo Message” notification email arrives (note: Depending on how busy our servers are, the message notification email might take up to 15 minutes before it arrives). Once the notification email arrives, we will select that message and click on the reply to all link.


(For this demonstration we are using the GMAIL mail client)

Step 3: We will then write the reply message and click on the send button.


Step 4: To verify that our reply message was added to the conversation on TeamPages, we need to go back to the original conversation from step 1.


At this point we have verified that the message was added to the conversation correctly. Lets try to do something a bit different and send a reply message to the sender only.

Replying to the Sender Only from the Mail Client:

We will repeat a similar process as above, but instead we will only reply to the sender instead of every recipient in the conversation.

Step 1: Again we will login into the first recipient’s mail client and open the “Demo Message” notification email. Now instead of clicking the reply all link, we will click on the reply link.


Step 2: Lets write a reply and click on the send button again.


Step 3: Finally, we will verify that only the sender has received the message by heading back to the conversation.


Our reply message was added with only the original sender present in the ‘to’ area.

Message System Future:

One of our next big milestones for messaging system, is to allow team invitations/club invitations to interact with the messages from their mail client just like we did above.


We hope that this demo gave you a feel on how you can interact with the messaging system using your mail client. If you have any questions or feedback about this feature do not hesitate and ask in the comments below, or contact our support directly in the most convenient way for you:

Oleg Matvejev

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Oleg is a computer science student at Simon Fraser University. He is currently doing a software developer co-op term at TeamPages.

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