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In the past, you would have to set your event attendance status by logging in into your TeamPages account. We realized that this was a cumbersome and time consuming process. To address this concern, we are excited to unveil a new way that you can interact with the event invitation system. When you receive your event invitation email, you can now change your attendance status directly from your mailboxes simply by replying to that email and writing YES or NO on the first line of the reply email. From there TeamPages will examine that reply email and adjust your event attendance accordingly!


Lets take a closer look at this feature! For this demonstration we will accept an event invitation using our mail client.

Step 1: Create Event

On your teams page select ‘Calendar’ tab in the navigation and then click on the ‘Add Team Event’ link


This will bring up a new form where you can create the new event. Fill in the fields with the appropriate information and make sure to select ‘Send an email’ option. Click on the ‘Save’ button when you are done.



Once the event is created the attendance page will look something like this. As you can see our player’s status is currently set as ‘No Response’



Step 2: Checking the Email

Since you have enabled the ‘Send an email’ option when creating the event, your players will receive an event invitation email for the event as shown below (Note: depending on how busy our servers are this process might take anywhere from 15 seconds to 15 minutes before you will receive your email). Now click on the reply button inside the event invitation email.


(For this demonstration we are using Mozilla Thunderbird OSX mail client. Similar results are achieved in other mail clients or webmails)

In the reply email write “YES” without quotes on the first line of the email’s body and then click on the send button.


Step 3: Verification

After you have sent the reply email you should receive a confirmation email stating that the action was successful.


Lets make sure that our attendance was changed accordingly on the event page.


Available Reply Phrases:

Below are all the available reply phrases (as of 6/18/2014) that you can use to adjust your status. Our system only looks at the first line of the reply email body ignoring any capital letters. Therefore, Yes, YES and yEs will be parsed as yes.

Attending Options: Not Attending Options: Tentative Options:
Yes No Maybe
Accept Decline Tentative
Sure Not Attending
I’ll Be there

Thank you for taking your time in reading this blog. If you have any questions or feedback about this feature do not hesitate and ask in the comments below.

Oleg Matvejev

About This Author

Oleg is a computer science student at Simon Fraser University. He is currently doing a software developer co-op term at TeamPages.

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    • Hi Emma,

      The issue you reported was related to another release, however that bug has been fixed and your attendance page should be back to normal. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

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