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We are excited to announce the arrival of a new look and feel for TeamPages!

We know that managing a sports team or league takes a lot of hard work, and our goal is always to make this as easy as possible!  With the new themes you can access your site from a phone or tablet, because the site resizes to fit any device.  We have made some key changes to the navigation structure, as well as put some much needed love into the overall design elements.

Pro and All-Star Clubs, Leagues, and Organizations will be able to select from a variety of themes, and customize the appearance of their website more than ever before!

The new themes are modern, mobile-friendly, and intuitive.  Read on to discover what’s new with the themes and what you can be expecting to see in the near future!

Want to see it in action?  View our live demo!



All team members can now easily navigate their team page from their phone to check schedules, read discussions, and get news updates.  Administrators can easily make quick changes to the site as needed, such as updating events and sending out notifications.





We have restructured the navigation to make sites easier to use and organize. User navigation (profile, photos, notifications, etc) has been relocated to the top right corner of the site.  Here, it is always visible and does not interfere with the main site navigation for the team, club, or league.

before – the user navigation was acting as the primary navigation, with the contextual nav underneath relating to the current organization, league, or team page.




after – We recognized that the main purpose of the primary navigation should be to move around the site structure with ease, and the user navigation could be relocated to improve usability.

The user navigation is now located in the top right hand corner of the site, allowing access to your profile, photos, settings, and messages underneath the user icons.  You can view all of your teams, clubs, and leagues from one convenient location.



We also improved the main navigation structure to give more options for users to choose from.  Now, the main navigation can be a constant presence across all leagues and teams, allowing users to navigate back to the organization at any time.

Breadcrumbs just underneath the main nav show users where they are in the site structure, and provide convenient links back to recently visited pages.

The contextual nav shows pages and links related to the league, club, or team page that the user is currently looking at. Here, there is a spot for the team name, and unlimited space for menu items and mulit-tiered drop-down menus.






The new themes feature a more versatile layout with a much cleaner, modernized look and feel. We have updated our widgets to improve usability, and put some love into the design details.





The TeamPages profile page design has been updated with a clean look and feel.




Adjusting your settings is easier than ever with the new themes, thanks to improved design and layout. Easily add content, choose colours and create custom widgets from the settings menu.






We’ve got more exciting new themes coming your way in the next few months, take a sneak peek below:










We are currently offering the new themes to our Pro and All-Star clients! If you would like a new look and feel for your TeamPage, give us a call to find out how you can get the new themes:

Call Toll Free: 1-800-500-7203

We look forward to taking your website to the next level.



Helen Wilkinson

About This Author

Helen Wilkinson is a user experience designer and web developer at TeamPages.

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  1. Hi Don,

    The new themes will be publicly available very soon! In the mean time, if you are using our pro or all-star package, you can get the new theme in advance by giving us a call at 1-800-500-7203.

    We will be happy to assist you with setting up your sites on the new look and feel.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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