TeamPages Integrates with iScore for Baseball


Baseball and softball teams can now live score games with or without an internet connection and view team, player and game stats on your TeamPages website. This two way integration with iScore and TeamPages is available now.


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sync up your iScore app with TeamPages:

Step 1:

Download the iScore for Baseball app on to your mobile device. Apple or Android.
For tutorials on how to use iScore to score your games visit iScore.

Step 2:

Create your team and roster then start adding games to both iScore and TeamPages.

Step 3:

Locate your Customer ID# by clicking the Options button from the iScore home page.

iScore Options

 The Customer ID# will be at the bottom of the page.

Next, enter your iScore Customer ID# into the Statistics Tracking page on TeamPages. This page can be found in a sub-section of your team’s settings.

TeamPages iScore Setup

Note: After this step an internet connection is not required to score the game. But if you wish to have a game cast appear in real time an internet connection is required. Internet will be required again when game is complete and you want to export data back to TeamPages.

Step 4:

On the game manager screen select the game you wish to score.

iScore Game Manager

Step 5:

Once game is scored and complete tap the Back button (top left) until you reach the main menu and select Options.

Step 6:

Select Export to send completed game data to TeamPages to sync. Please note this step requires an internet connection.

iScore Export

Step 7:

Select OK to sync your game data.

iScore Confirm

If sync is successful you will receive a Successful prompt. If you receive an “Unsuccessful” warning please double-check your internet connection.

iScore Success

Step 8:

An email will be sent to all team administrators alerting them that a game is ready to be scored on TeamPages.

Step 9:

Log into TeamPages and click “edit stats”. Game stats set to be imported from iScore will be highlighted in green and ready to be saved. Review stats and enter in any additional ones you would like to include. Click save.

iScore Import

Note: We are working on a game discovery feature that will pull your schedule from TeamPages into your iScore app and will update this post once completed.

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Derek grew up playing almost every sport under the sun; from baseball to football to triathlons and marathons, he did it all. Since then he's found himself coaching little league baseball, playing soccer for a local club and working here at TeamPages as a sales manager. Derek often writes for the TeamPages blog when it comes to tutorials, FAQ's and product updates.

21 comments on “TeamPages Integrates with iScore for Baseball

    • Francis, this will be part of the 2nd phase of the integration where we plan to use iScore’s discover feature. We’re hoping to roll that out in the not so distant future.

    • Kevin, good question. Unfortunately no, not at this time. To help us better understand the real-world applications of iScore, would you mind letting us know how many of your members are interested in scoring games for your team(s)?

  1. I have been trying ALL day – over 12 hours and I am still not getting the stats from iScore. So glad I paid 10 bucks for it.

    • Hi Sean,

      Sorry to hear about your poor experience so far. Without a few details, it’s tough to determine what might be going on with your account. If you’d like to call in to our customer support line, we’d be happy to help troubleshoot any problems you might be having.

  2. I am looking into my league’s using TeamPages.

    I think it’s important to enable the game to be scored by different people.

    Wouldn’t it be as simple as inputting, for each game to be uploaded, the Customer ID# of the scorer’s iScore device?

    Also a technical question, how beyond the Customer ID# does TeamPages know which game to pull in from the iScore servers? If it is based on the game Date and Time then how would you resolve the scenario where two different league games are being played on the same date, at the same time, at two different ball fields. Maybe you are assuming that any one device (CID#) is only used for one team, however that would create a problem for a league that would dedicate one device per ball field in order to score and upload all games played at that ball field.

    • Hi Jim,

      Great questions. Everything we have documented with this post has been with the assumption that a device would be tied to an individual who could sync up any of their teams. We make assumptions based on team names matching up along with date and time.

      For leagues who are in your situation where they might have an ipad for a field, we do things a little differently and need to register the devices at the league or division level. If you’re interested in setting this up for your league, I would suggest contacting either our sales or support teams.

      Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

  3. So here I am late to the party…stats are no longer inputtable by hand you have to dl this app that costs 9.99? Why? I have a hard enough time getting my coaches to even use the website and input their team names and use it for communication now you’re telling me we can’t use the site for regular stat input? Well, actually I know we can’t because we tried to do it last night. We don’t have one score keeper on our team we have a teen who volunteers and uses the book, she’d have to switch to her iPad. Or a Dad who would have to use his phone, idk what platform he is on. That is $20 there then my husband would have to dl it so he could sync with his phone, that’s $30 if he needed to keep score for any reason as manager of the team and to upload and input etc. This will go on league wise and we will have even more lack of participation on the website.
    Why can’t we just have the stats back the way they were if we don’t want to use this?

    • Hi Sally,

      Good news, the app isn’t required to manually enter in stats. Not sure why you weren’t able to update stats for one of your games, but maybe there’s a chance the settings were toggled off at some point? If you would like to email our support team ( a link to the event you were trying to score I’m sure we could get all of this sorted out for you in a few minutes.

  4. I am trying to upload scores. I have exported from iScore, and my information is correct on the teampages. How long does it take for the stats to upload? Thank you!

  5. Is there any update on when teampages will add the abillity to import teams, roster, schedules, etc. From teampages into iscore using the discover option in the is core app?

    • Hi Jeremy,

      Not at this time, but iScore does have the ability for us to do this in the future and we fully expect to support this feature in the future, just not sure if it’ll be completed during this upcoming baseball season.

  6. I’ve imported the stats from our games into TeamPages, but only the hitting stats have pulled over. For the pitchers, it shows only GP, but no other stats. How do I fix that?

  7. I have exported our games from iscore and I am still not seeing anything on my website. I am only seeing “No statistics have been recorded for the team yet. You can record statistics from an event page, after an event scheduled with TeamPage has happened.” I have added my admin login to the teampages website. I was told over the phone that once i atleast put in a game it would show. I am seeing nothing.

  8. Hi

    we have played 4 games and only 3 show up under Team Manager-Stats (many of our players have played all 4 games and they all show 3 played, so this is how i know). How can I get this game to show up too?

    Does archiving have anything to do with it? I noticed after a couple of the games are finished the program automatically goes to “Archiving data” – however I don’t recall seeing this for all 4 games.

      • Hi there,

        I actually decided to delete and rescore the game. It now shows up in our team stats. Not sure why the first game wouldn’t show up. I tried to just undo a few pitches then finish in the original game and the game archived but still wouldn’t show up. So I just decided to re-do it.


  9. I have been an iscore user for many, many years. My son joined a team recently, and I convinced some reluctant coaches that iscore was a better product than Game Changer. The one area, however, that is a struggle for us right now is that in Game Changer the game stats were automatically uploaded to the team website, whereas with iscore it is a very manual process with the requirement to export each day that we play. Is there some way to make this process automatic? It would save a whole lot of headaches.

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