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With each new season the rosters change, the parents change, the web admins can change, even the coaches change so this is for all our new coaches, parents and players, introducing the new teampages web portal!



Click here to access our new online help which contains information on: setting up your teampage, registering with teampages.com, subscribing to your calendar, managing your rosters, frequently asked questions and much more written with step by step guides, photos and clear instructions where to click your mouse. There’s a search bar if you’re looking for something specific and the portal has been setup in an easy to use format to help our clients in depth help 24/7 and keep you all informed of exactly what teampages is and how to operate it.

If there’s any feedback or questions please let us know by either commenting bellow or  within the portal itself.

Enjoy getting the most out of teampages.com.

All the best,

Peter Cosgrove

About This Author

Peter is a former professional sports coach and current community manager for teampages.com

4 comments on “Our new web portal help desk

  1. I am sure your aware of the problems with the app for Google play. I was wondering if you have a time frame of when it will be up and running? I use this for my team scheduling practice and other team related activities.

  2. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your message! It took a little bit of time but we managed to speak with someone at Google regarding this issue who got the servers refreshed last week and confirmed that this was an issue they were having. The webcal provided by the teampages server was working with all other calendar devices such as yahoo or iMac so we were aware this wasn’t an issue from our end. Apologies for the inconvenience of this.

    Best regards,

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