Custom registration forms and paypal accounts


When registration comes to play we find the easiest way to accept payments through your teampage is using paypal.

You’ll need a paypal account first of all before you can add an account to your teampage, after-which you’ll be ready to create your custom registration form.

Creating a registration form

Click on: Settings>Form Manager>Add and you’ll see a blank form like this:


new form


The teampages form builder is incredibly easy to use simply drag the items you need from the left side to the centre and complete the information as appropriate (e.g. any multiple choice questions).

Adding payment methods

Page 2 offers the choice to add payments to your form (you can of course select not to have people paying online if you prefer cash or cheques). If you do select the box to receive payments on teampages you can choose how you’d like to be paid (credit, debit, stripe or paypal). As previously mentioned paypal is the most commonly used on teampages, particularly if you’re a non-for-profit team as the pricing is almost always the cheapest (your paypal account gives full details on all charges). Click the option to ‘add a payment method’ select paypal and provide the login email and password for your paypal account to link it to your registration form.




Discounts and fees

If you’d like to offer discounts for signing up multiple people or signing by a set date you can easily place these options in on step 3 as well as indicating how long your registration is open for:




It’s as easy as that but if anything is unclear please leave us any comments or questions bellow.

Wishing you all the best for 2014!


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