Discounts and Rules for Online Registration Forms


Have you been “hacking” our online registration system to accommodate the discounts and/or fees for things like early-bird registration and multi-player discounts? Well, no more!

By adding the ability for administrators to create rules for forms, the TeamPages online registration system is now flexible and powerful enough to accommodate how your league or club conduct registration rather than the other way around.

How will that help you?

1) Increase your early registration numbers by adding Early Registration Discounts & Late Registration Fees to your Online Forms

  • Now you can configure your online registration form to:

             a) Add a discount for all registrations within a specific date range

             b) Add a fee for all registrations after a set date

2) Facilitate bulk registrations by adding discounts for multiple registrations at one time

  • Now you can add a discount for all registrations after the first. So for example, for families registering multiple children into little league, you can now offer discounts for that second and third child.

Adding rules to  your online forms, specifically around discounts & fees, will give you more flexibility with your online registration offerings.  The main idea behind this feature release is to help you, as a sports administrator, get your registrations numbers up while facilitating a smooth online registration experience for your membership.

Thoughts? What further enhancements would you like to see for our next release on our online registrations system?

For those of you who haven’t started using our online registration system, either contact our support team or start a 30 day free trial.


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