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Since we made the announcement about the Beta version of our News Slider, it has been fantastic to see the response from the community. Many of you have jumped right on it and created your own slideshow to give your TeamPage that extra professional edge.

Club website templates

Check out these organizations that are already loving the new feature:

As of today, the News Slider is now live!  To activate the News Slider simply go to your News & Announcements Feature and begin adding your images/ content to your news feed as you normally would; just keep an eye out for the option to add the content to the News Slider:

In addition to the major visual upgrade, we’ve added even more functionality to your site’s news feed:

  • You can now choose to post as yourself or on behalf of the organization; and
  • You can also choose whether the publish the announcement to all of your team sites, or just the club/league home page.

Here are just a few benefits of our News Slider and why you need to get on it!

  1. Give your TeamPage some instant cred and showcase your sports team just like the pros.
  2. A visually dynamic way to communicate all your important news and content to your members.
  3. Instant bragging rights. Your TeamPage just got that much better and you should be proud of the new look and feel.  Show it off to your friends and family. And to those who have one of those text-based sports websites, you can whip yours out and say “mine is better than yours!”.

Enjoy and keep the feedback coming and let us know your thoughts!

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  1. I’m going to start using this on our page! Just an FYI the Musgrave Soccer Club website is no longer up and running. It was one of the examples you used at the beginning of the post.

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