Sneak Peek at Teampages News Slideshow Widget!


It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas around the TeamPages office, as we’re all pretty stoked to release a news slideshow widget that we know you’re absolutely going to love.

Have you ever browsed or and wished that you could achieve the same look and feel on your TeamPage? Well we have, and we think we’re that much closer to bringing you a much more rich and professional looking sports website that will capture the attention of all your viewers.

With the news slideshow widget, you’re now able to add your news and announcements to an image slide show that will automatically rotate through your content, just like the professional sports websites out there!

Here’s a sneak peak!

To check out the beta version of news slideshow widget your self:

1)  Simply type in ?beta=1, when you’re in your news and announcements section, so your URL should appear something like this:

2) Click the “Add” link to add a news/announcement. Create your news piece as per usual by adding your content and uploading an image. However, this time you’ll see an option to add your news piece to the slideshow:

3) Create a few more news pieces in the same way, and when you return to your team’s homepage you’ll have your very own news slideshow widget!

We’re expecting to go live with slideshow widget towards the end of next week.  So be sure to send us all your feedback asap, so we can collectively create one kick-ass slideshow!


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3 comments on “Sneak Peek at Teampages News Slideshow Widget!

    • Hi Robert, the slideshow should move automatically as long as you don’t mouse over the images (it’ll stop once you do that). That said, having it resume after you move your mouse away again is a great suggestion. We’ll take a look at that for you. Thanks for the question/feedback!

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