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With the launch of the form builder back in September, we’ve had some pretty awesome feedback from you, our community.  Since then, our main focus has been improving the platform so that managing your player data, finding the information you need, and staying on top of player registrations is as simple as possible.

Email Notifications:

Connecting with the community daily, I’m finding one of the most loved features of TeamPages are the automatic notifications/reminders that are sent out to members with newly created events or with game changes.

So we’ve taken the automated notification feature and added it to the online forms.  Now,  as an administrator, every time one of your members registers for your team and submits a form you’ll receive an instant email notification.

Here’s how to set up your email notifications for your online forms:

1. Access your Online Form Builder from your Settings area:

TeamPages forms

2.  When creating a new form,  you’ll find the email notifications feature in Step 4 of the wizard:

TeamPages Forms

3.  Hit the link to add your email address – you’ll have two options for when to receive the notifications:

  • Email a Summary Daily
  • Email Each Result

Add Notification

4.  Enter your email and when you want to receive the email notifications.  Click the green Add button. You’ll see your email updated at the bottom of the publishing/preview screen.

5.  Now publish your form and you’re all set to receive email notifications with every player registration or form that’s submitted.

Email Result

Thoughts? Feedback? Let us know what you think about the email notification feature!

Mark Aquino

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One comment on “Email Notifications for TeamPages Online Form Builder

  1. I see limited use in receiving a confirmation email as administrators are monitoring whatever results anyway.

    Sending an automated confirmation email to the person completing the form makes much more sense to me. This gives the user documented feedback and it standard practice in the industry.

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