Understanding your League Website Traffic with Google Analytics


So you’ve launched your website, had it indexed with the major search engines and have started to see some activity from your members.  But what next?

How do you know what’s working, what’s not? What content are your members clicking on, what is drawing your visitors’ attention, what is causing them to leave, and most importantly what is causing them to purchase what you’re selling (note that even if you’re not selling “stuff” on your site, you’re certainly selling something to your members and casual viewers).

This is where Google Analytics proves to be incredibly useful. Google Analytics is a free software available to help any webpage director track, guide and analyze the effectiveness of their website’s content as well as monitor all visitors behavior.

By using a web analytics tool you will better be able to determine the site’s users, identify their needs, and thus be able to deliver the solutions in a more streamlined, effective manner. You will be able to see which sites the user has been visiting before yours and where they went after. There are more than 80 reports at your disposal to help provide the crucial information that any webpage director is searching for; how to turn the visitors into customers.

Once you have set up the Google Analytics Code on your website (see Google Analytics Guide for step-by-step set-up instructions) and allowed time for a significant amount of data to be accumulated you can begin to take the necessary steps to adjust and optimize your webpage for the better and begin to see the financial benefits.

Once logged into your account, Google analytics is a very simple tool that can return great results simply by viewing these key features:

Tracking User Behavior – by selecting “Top Landing Pages” and “Top Exit Pages” you can determine which content is catching your visitors attention and which seems to be turning them away.

Profile Settings – here you can set up your goal for your website (which would typically be the final page in the “checkout” process or the summary and acceptance of member registration and payment) as well as set up funnels in order to determine at which page in the payment process the potential clients are opting out and exiting your website. This will allow you to focus on correcting the concerns and help you to improve the content and design of those pages.

With these two simple tools in place you will have a major insight into what is driving your visitors to take the steps set out in order to reach that Goal Page. The information may take some time to accumulate and results will not be seen overnight but the knowledge you will receive about your visitors and your website will prove invaluable and will help you focus clearly on what is working and what is not.

To connect your Google Analytics account to your team, club or league website, drop us an email or call us anytime and we’ll configure it for you on the spot.

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