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Providing opportunities for college recruitment and helping young athletes realize their goals of reaching the pros has and always will be one of the main driving forces behind TeamPages.  We love that we’re able to create a network of young athletes, trainers, coaches, and sports fans,  and provide the communication tools to share their passion for sports.

This week, I’m going to show you a few tips on how you can optimize your TeamPage for college recruitment: both as a player and as the team manager/website administrator.


As a player, your personal profile was specifically designed to be your very own online sports card.  This is where you can share your complete sports background, education, highlights, and goals with all the coaches and scouts out there.
Here’s what you can do to make sure that your personal profile best captures your athletic life:

  • Profile Photo:
    • Upload your very best photo highlight – make it look like your very own sports card
    • If you have an official photo from your high school team, this would look great as well
    • Refrain from posting anything inappropriate; remember the idea is to promote yourself to scouts
  • Player Bio:
    • This is where you can provide your full sports background, education, GPA etc. Include your most memorable game moments and highlights, and if you have the footage post the highlights on video.
  • Contact Information:
    • Provide your contact details and let them know how to get in touch with you whether via email or phone.  Note that you have the ability to add privacy restrictions for your contact information if you don’t want the general public to access this info.
  • Video Highlights and more:
    • Add your sports highlights via YouTube on your profile page.  Show what you can do in those high pressure moments.
    • Get creative! Include a video introduction of yourself to your fans and potential scouts – give them a personal intro into who you are both on and off the field (court, ice… you get the idea!)

Team Managers

As the team manager and website administrator  you have all the tools necessary within your TeamPage  to showcase your talent pool to possible college recruiters.  Here are a few ideas on how you can use your TeamPage to highlight the talent on your team for potential scouts.

  • Create a Custom Player Roster Page:
    • I’ve had a few clients ask how they can manage a player’s profile page, i.e. uploading a profile photo, video highlights etc.  The short of it is that a player’s profile page can only be managed by that player/individual. So even as a team manager/administrator you won’t have the access to add/change information on someone’s profile page.  But what you can do is create your own custom player profile page.
    • Create a custom page (through Pages and Links for teams, Menus and Pages for clubs and leagues).
    • By creating a custom page you can essentially create your entire roster and provide profile photos, player stats, educational background… it’s all up to you!
  • Contact Forms for College Recruiters:
    • Use your online forms to collect contact information from potential college recruiters.  Here’s an example of an online form that you create for potential scouts
    • All the data will be mined in your form results area.  You can then contact these recruiters via phone or email.
    • If you have the scouts email address, you can invite them to join your TeamPage for even greater access to your team/player info.  For example, your stats & roster information may be set as a members only area through your privacy settings.  Inviting recruiters to join your TeamPage as a “Fan”  for instance, will give them an added level of access to your team info (versus the general public view of your TeamPage)
  • Add College Recruiters as “Fans” to your TeamPage:
    • This will allow you to communicate directly with college recruiters/scouts using your the Communication tab – simply send email blasts to “Fans Only“. Here you can  send detailed information to the scouts, like games schedules, game updates, stats etc…
    • Also, depending on your privacy settings on your TeamPage,  scouts can gain access to your team calendar and watch your games live.
  • Video Reels:
    • Create a video highlight reel of your players. Check out tubesnack.com to create a video playlist of all your player highlights.
  • TeamPages Video Library:
    • Use the TeamPages video library to document and post all of your games online
    • If recruiters can’t make it to your games live, this is the next best resource for showcasing your player talent pool

Thoughts? Have any questions on how to setup your TeamPage for college recruitment? Let me know!


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3 comments on “Optimizing your TeamPage for College Recruitment

  1. Is it possible to change the fields that the player fills out in their bio? ie, change favorite sports payer to something else? Also is it possible to have a document link that shows up for a player only. We could use this like a bio sheet that can be printed out?

    • Hi Larry, we haven’t gone too far into letting administrators update info on the player’s behalf. However, based on a lot of feedback we’ve received from both competitive teams like yours, as well as many clubs/league that use TeamPages, we have started to explore this a little bit with a custom roster view. Be sure to check out this team here: http://www.cccaamensbasketball.com/teams/46428/seasonal_roster who is a member of the California College Men’s Basketball League. If you’d like to set something like this up, please contact support@teampages.com and we’ll help you out.

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