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The Pasadena American Little League is located in southern California with 4 different leagues, 30 teams, and approximately 375 members.  In October of 2010, the Pasadena American Little League were looking to upgrade to a more robust sports website solution that would efficiently communicate league schedules to all their members.

Before TeamPages, the PALL were using another platform for several years.  When asked about their general user-experience, Jim DiGiovanni the Information Officer for PALL, described that the system as “clunky, not intuitive or easy to use”. Thus, communicating information to their members, specifically league schedules, became an issue.

Looking for more than a static website, Jim and the PALL decided it was time to upgrade to a sports website solution with a more interactive calendar-sharing system; a calendaring tool that would efficiently communicate their league schedules right down to the parent/player level and to make that information easily accessible for all their members.

Since joining TeamPages, all PALL members are kept up to date with the latest in scheduled events and game updates, while reducing the scheduling efforts on the league level.  Jim’s staff has also found they’re spending less time fielding calls from parents about schedule updates, since all relevant event changes and reminders are automatically sent via email and text message.

In addition to the improved communication flow of their league schedules to their members, Jim also highlighted the level of customization available for all team sites and liked the fact that he could add each team’s personality to a TeamPage by adding custom banners & colours, video reels, and photos – creating personable experiences for their members.

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