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The Bishop Eustace Preparatory Crew is a competitive high school crew team based in Pennsauken, New Jersey. In 2007, the boy’s freshman team won their first ever New Jersey State Championship, while the girl’s crew won 1st place in the Stonesbury Cup Regatta from 2007-2009.

With the emerging success of the Bishop Eustace Crew, it was time for them to start a website and build their online presence. When Frank Acito of Bishop Eustace Prep came to TeamPages, he knew exactly what he wanted:

  • a well equipped platform that would allow him the flexibility to build a professional, sharp-looking site;
  • a tool that would allow him and his members to communicate effectively; and
  • most of all, a website that would help them generate sponsorship opportunities

Having heard the praises of TeamPages from a colleague at South Jersey Elite Baseball (a current member of the TeamPages family), Frank Acito and the Bishop Eustace Crew came to TeamPages looking for the ideal sports website solution that would empower his sponsorship efforts.  Particularly with a crew team, staying afloat financially is no easy task, as Frank states:

“Our team relies heavily on sponsorship in order to purchase our equipment and support for the team.  Crew is a very pricey endeavor, with racing shells reaching into the mid $30,000.00 range, as well as the need for boathouse space, motorized coaching launches, training ergometers and so on.

While evaluating TeamPages as a sports website solution, Frank mentioned that he was “especially attracted to the support” that  a colleague of his  had received while building their academy website (South Jersey Elite Baseball), as he knew he would require assistance to get his site launched specifically tailored to his needs.

In July 2011, Frank Acito and the Bishop Eustace Prepatory Crew jumped on board with TeamPages. When asked about the final product of Bishop Eustace Crew’s first website, Frank stated:

“I can say, without a doubt – we have extremely positive feedback from the team members. Our participation with the site is very high (90%+ of member participation and growing), and I always get thank-yous from our members for setting up this new site.  I must say… that the TeamPages’ product and the support people, Mike, Mark and Derek especially – have what it takes to make you look good and have as little aggravation as possible, running a professional, useful and efficient team or club site!  I mean every word of that last statement!

More importantly, Frank was excited with the new sponsorship opportunities that would follow with his new website, and using  TeamPages Online Form Builder to collect member data, fees, and payments:

“With the TeamPages site we are able to showcase our team as well the generous sponsors in a very professional and useful manner.  This makes it easier to gather sponsorship dollars and offer a real value to the sponsors throughout the year.”



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