4 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Promote Your League On Facebook


Facebook can be a great tool for league administrators. Over the years, we’ve assisted many of our member leagues in creating their Facebook page, and integrating it into their league website and making sure it’s part of their ongoing marketing efforts.

The question then becomes, “What should I be posting on my Facebook Page?”. While below is by no means a comprehensive list, here are some examples of various types of content your can begin sharing on your league’s Facebook Page tomorrow:

1) League Announcements – Use your Facebook page to announce a new season, registration dates, promotions or league meetings. Many of you might already be posting this information to your website, which is why there is always a quick and easy way to share announcements to either Facebook, or Twitter right in page.

2) Events – Create “Events” for your tournaments, socials, award ceremonies, and league outings. One of the huge advantages to events is that members from your page can be invited and notified. Be careful here though, as too many events may annoy people and cause them to unlike your page.

3) Photos and Videos – Photos and videos show up in the Facebook news feed as thumbnail images. Due to their size, they almost require interaction as users click on them to make them large enough to see. Be sure to add a comment that encourages users to open the photo and add comments of their own. Obvious photo sources include: live game shots, team photos and pictures of your volunteers and staff .

4) Communicate with your Members – Connect with players, parents and other stakeholders who want to reach out to you. Answer their questions, create polls, spark dialogue between teams, and make your members feel heard! The key here is to post often and respond quickly as it’s important to keep it fresh.

Facebook has also written on this topic extensively, which is why we’d suggest checking out their blog posts about marketing best practices for pages here.

Is your league on Facebook yet? If so, how are you using it to engage with your membership? We’d love to hear from you, please use the comments below to share.

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