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Getting your team roster setup is easy with TeamPages, but if you’re having any trouble managing your roster please go through this guide for help.

When you select Roster from the top bar you’ll be able to view and edit your current team roster (to quote our dev team this isn’t  quite ‘rocket surgery’ yet). Please note that typically only administrators have the right to add or edit other roster members. 

Firstly adding a new team member. To add a player, coach or parent click on Add Members:

adding roster members

You’ll now be whisked away to our add members from (as seen bellow) where you can complete the name and email address (optional) of each member and select the role they hold in your team. By default you have the choice of 4 different roles, Player, Coach, Manager or Parent

If you’d like to add a new role e.g. Treasurer or Assistant Coach simply select Add Role and complete the text with the role name and select which section of the roster you’d like to add the new role too.

Inviting Players

When adding the email address of a new or existing roster member you can now send an invitation inviting them to join the team on TeamPages If you’re not ready to send invites yet or you prefer not to you can simply press save and the new members will join the roster without being sent an email.

add roster members

Bulk uploading a roster

On the add members page you have the option to ‘Add via CSV’. This enables you to add a roster saved as a Spreadsheet on your computer directly to your TeamPage by converting the file to a CSV format. The uploader requires that file has a column for first name and last name selection but can also incorporate email, role, height, weight and number (all optional).

add roster members

Editing or removing a roster member

Clicking Edit on the right hand side of the roster screen allows Administrators to edit all members such as their team role and contact details, individual members can edit their own details. Admins also have the option to select a member as an additional administrator by ticking the box as so:

edit roster member

Administrators can remove any member from the roster by selecting Remove on the right hand side of the roster page, members can also remove themselves from the roster using the same process.

Hopefully that’s all straight forward now but feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comments section and keep checking for more of our FAQs.


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