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Hi All,

Just to let you know we have been experiencing some issues with email communications/notifications, however, they have been recently resolved:

  • For those using as their email service provider, over the past few days Comcast has blocked all TeamPages emails from going through. The issue seemed to have started late week (Sept. 29th/30th). Yesterday  morning, we were able to isolate the issue specific to Comcast users with the help of our TeamPages Community. Since then, we have been corresponding with Comcast directly to have the email block removed.  TeamPages email communocations should now be reaching all Comcast users.
  • In general, since last night (approx 7:30PST) there have been some delays in email communications going out.  However, we do have a handle on the issue and the back log of emails are being sent out now.  Thus, you may see some time delays in some of your email communications.

Thanks for your patience all.  All email communications should now resume back to normal.  However,  please let us know should you continue to experience any further issues.


The TeamPages Fam

Mark Aquino

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