Introducing TeamPages Form Builder


Just in time for the fall season, online forms are out of Beta and here for everyone.

TeamPages HTML Form Builder lets you create contact forms, online surveys, and invitations so you can collect the data, registrations and online payments you need without writing a single line of code.

To get started click your settings link in the navigation bar, and look for “form management”.  Once here you’ll be able to dive into the form builder and go through the step by step wizard.

Step 1: Build your form using the drag-and-drop form fields.

Step 2 (optional): Configure your payments.  Collecting money with your form? Good news, TeamPages won’t charge you unless you actually process the payment online.

Step 3: Say thanks! Either direct respondents back to your home page, to a custom thank you page, or somewhere else on the web.

Step 4: Preview and publish your online form.

As of right now we are only supporting PayPal as a payment option, but have plans to roll out a few others in the near future including: Google Checkout Beanstream and

We’re really excited about this new feature, and have plans to expand upon it in the coming months, so please let us know what you think and leave your comments below (or in the forums).

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Derek grew up playing almost every sport under the sun; from baseball to football to triathlons and marathons, he did it all. Since then he's found himself coaching little league baseball, playing soccer for a local club and working here at TeamPages as a sales manager. Derek often writes for the TeamPages blog when it comes to tutorials, FAQ's and product updates.

8 comments on “Introducing TeamPages Form Builder

  1. I have created a form and assigned the fields that have payments associated with them. When I do this when creating the form, it puts an amount box next to the item. This is great. I save.

    However, when I go to input trial data into the form, I can select the item, but no amount box shows up.??

    Th e other think I would like to know is how do you move the form to a place on your team website where people can go and fill it out?


    • Hi Susan,

      Thanks for getting in touch and glad to hear you’ve had the chance to try out TeamPages new Form Builder! I’ve had the chance to check out your “Online Pledges Form” and it looks like you may still need to set the variable pricing amounts for the two options listed: Once the variable amounts have been set, and you begin filling out these set variable pricing options you should find the pricing details in a shopping cart format the top right-hand corner of your form:

      Once you’ve set all your required pricing details and you’re ready to go live with your form, simply publish your form and this will post your form in the side navigation area of your TeamPage with the rest of your side links. Also, once published, your form will have it’s own custom URL that you can link to so that your members can easily view/access your form.

      Thanks, Susan! Let us know how this works out for you and would love to hear any more feedback you may have about TeamPages Form Builder.

  2. Great to see this feature being added. Do you have a registration form template that teams/leagues could use as a starting point?

    Also, can registrants pay with a credit card (as a Paypal guest) if they don’t have a Paypal account?

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for the feedback! We don’t have any form templates at the moment, however, we’ve made TeamPages FormBuilder easy-to-use and intuitive so that you can create your own custom forms.

      Currently payment can be done via PayPal, however we will be integrating other forms of payment very soon.

      David, feel free to hit us at and let us know how we can help you getting started with our online forms!

    • Hi Jerry,

      Great question!

      When accepting payments via PayPal through your online forms, TeamPages charges service fees on top of PayPal’s fees. TeamPages fees are as follows:
      For Teams: a flat $1.00 charge per transaction.
      For Clubs/Leagues: a $1.00 plus 1% per transaction

      PayPal’s fees vary based on your account but typically charges start at $0.35/transaction + 2.9%.

      Thanks, Jerry! Feel free to shoot us an email at or give is a shout on our toll-free number 1-800-500-7203 ext. 106 should you have any futher questions regarding our form builder or need help setting up your forms.

  3. I’m experimenting with the forms builder. Is there no way to include HTML or atleast images on the form ie pictures or links to pictures of items that we may want to sell? There is an ‘instructions’ control, but it doesn’t seem to allow / render HTML.

    Q2: Is there no way to allow / calculate multiples of a given object?

    Q3: Is there any way to make a form available to team / association embers only?

    • Hi Matt,

      Unfortunately no way to include images and html at this time, just textile markup. When we built the form builder we didn’t realize how often people would be looking to sell items with it so the image and html functionality was left off. It is however on our radar and we’ll be sure to let you know when we get there.

      Same goes for having the form do any type of multiplication. At this time if you want to sell multiple items in a transaction you’ll need them to fill out the form multiple times and then check out.

      Lastly, regarding how to make the form only available to members, that isn’t possible either at this time. You can however choose not to post the published form in your club’s menu then add a link to the form with that link only being available to members only. It’s a bit of a hack/work-around but should make it at least more difficult for the public to fill out your form.

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