Extended Weekend Email Support Available


As we continue to experience technical issues with our email server, please contact TeamPages Support support@teampages.com and I’ll be happy to assist you in any way that I can while communications are down.  If you can’t access your account, just drop me a note and I’ll have a password created for you ASAP. I’ll be checking my email frequently over the weekend so I’ll definitely be in touch. Our CTO returns on Monday, and we’ll most certainly have everything sorted then. And everyone, please give him a warm welcome upon his return… we most certainly will :).

Hang in there with us, everyone… we’re almost there.

Have a great weekend!

The TeamPages Fam

Mark Aquino

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2 comments on “Extended Weekend Email Support Available

    • Hi Scot,

      Unfortunately, SMS messaging/notifications have been affected as well – their dispatch is similarly lagging with our system catching up to all the communications in queue. I’ve recently checked the jobs in queue, and the system is catching up with the queue. Thus, you may notice your emails/SMS notifications coming in sporadically. Our CTO will be in on Monday and we’ll certainly get everything straightened out then.

      Your patience is much appreciated, Scot. Keep your eyes peeled for updates throughout the weekend.



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