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TeamPages Community,

We know that the past couple of days have been very frustrating with the current emailing issues that we’ve been  experiencing, we can certainly sympathize with you, as this has been a difficult time for everyone.  Please hang in there with us while we continue to work on resolving these issues. Rest assured that we are doing the best that we can to have everything back up and running as soon as possible. We’ll be sure to keep you updated once we know an ETA on when the issues will be fixed, but we’re hoping to have this resolved within the next few days (believe me, we do feel your pain…).

In the mean time here are a few suggestions and alternative solutions that can help while we get everything sorted on our end:

  • For all League/Club/Team admins, if you could inform your members in your News and Announcements section that email communications are down. Also, SMS communications have been affected; thus team SMS messages and SMS notifications are temporarily down as well.
  • What seems to be happening in most cases is that all email communications sent through your TeamPage (i.e. using your Communication Tab) are being sent to your TeamPages Inbox, however, these messages are not being relayed to your personal email accounts (i.e. hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc…).  So you should still be able to access your messages through your TeamPages inbox,  just not through your personal email accounts
  • For now,  post all team communications through your News and Announcements section to ensure that your members can view all important team information
  • Export your Roster information along with email contacts into excel/CSV format  so that you can send a team wide email through your personal email account.  Simply enter “.CSV” at the end of the URL in your team roster section and hit “Enter”. This will automatically export your roster information into .CSV format and download the file onto your hard drive.


  • While email invitations to join your TeamPage are down, what you you can do is have your members create a TeamPages account. Once they have created their account have them contact TeamPages Support and we can have them added to your TeamPage through the back-end. We know this is a crucial time of year to have your members join your TeamPage, this way we can ensure that this happens
  • TeamPages Email/Phone Support!!  Contact us anytime via email or on our toll-free number and let us know what we can do to make things a little easier for you while continue to resolve these issues. I’ll even lend you me ear if you need to vent your frustrations, heck I certainly would!
  • And when possible, don’t forget to smile!

We appreciate your patience and continued support during this time.  We’re all working hard to regain your trust in TeamPages Communication.


The TeamPages Fam

Mark Aquino

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