Helpful Tips when Creating a New Event Location


Are you having issues when adding/creating a location to your schedule event?

Here are some helpful tips on creating a new location for your scheduled event and to ensure that you have the correct Google map up and running!

  • From your team calendar, select the “Create a Team Event” link:


  • Create your game/event as needed.   When setting the location of your event let’s assume you can’t find your location from the drop-down menu; select the link “Find or add new”


  • Enter the appropriate country, province/state, and city.  Remember, you should enter the city of the location exactly as it appears on Google maps.  Select “+ New Location” from the drop-down menu:


  • If you can’t find the location from the drop-down menu, select “+New Location”.  When entering the location address, be sure to enter it as it appears on Google maps – it’s best to cross-reference the address with Google first before entering the address.  Use the “Description” window for any additional location details, such as directions to the main entrance, parking etc…
  • Select “Add Location” when finished


  • Select “Save” to create your new location:


Note: Once you select “Save” and create your location this will be saved into our database and you won’t be able to make future location changes on your end. So be sure  to enter the correct location details. Of course we all make mistakes, so if you do happen to need to change location details, i.e. address corrections, contact us at and we can do that for you.

  • Your location is  now created and you’ll now find it on your drop-down menu.  Now “Create” your event.


  • If all location details are correct, you will see the correct map details on your event summary page:


In sum, here are a few key things to remember:

  • When entering a new location for an event, it’s best to first cross-reference the address with that listed on Google. Once you have the correct address from Google, be sure to enter the address into the new location window precisely as it appears. Otherwise, any typos in the address will most likely produce an incorrect location map, or fail to produce a map at all.
  • It is also important to enter the specific locale/district of a location rather than the general city/area. So, if the address of a park is listed in Burnaby, it’s best to indicate it as such, rather than simply specifying it to be in Vancouver.
  • In the case where you’re selecting a location that is already listed on the drop-down menu that is producing an incorrect map, or even no map at all, then that means the location details that we have on record are incorrect. In this case, let us know and we can have that location deleted on our end so that it will no longer appear in the location listing on the drop-down menu.
  • Perhaps you’re looking to create a location for a baseball field, or a park that has no specific address listed on Google. The best thing to do in this case is to list an address closest to the baseball field/park (according to google maps) so that a general area map is produced on your event details. You can then specify exact directions to the park/field in the event description box.

And hey, we all make mistakes, so if there is an incorrect address for a location simply let us know and we can easily have that updated for you so that your event location corresponds to the correct map.

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  1. Need an enhancement so that users can go to the map and get directions/navigate to location … otherwise it doesn’t do much good to have the map function in Teampages.

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