Creating Links to Important Club/League Documents


This is a quick tutorial on how to create a custom link on your side navigation and have it point to a document that you’ve uploaded on your TeamPage.

First you’ll want to upload a document on to your TeamPage. Let’s say you want to upload this season’s full schedule in PDF format:


Select the file from your hard drive to be uploaded on to your TeamPage, and create the name of your document as you want it to appear on your page.  You can decide who can view this document and create a folder for it if you like. Select “Upload” when finished.


Your document will be displayed when successfully uploaded.  Now point your mouse  to the document name and right click using your mouse.  This will provide a menu of options; select “Copy Link Address”.


Now that you’ve copied the link address, you’re going to create a new link by going to your Club/League settings and your Menus & Pages:


Create the title for your link and paste the link address that we copied in the previous step. Hit “Save” when done.


You’ll now notice that your new link is created and is listed under “Unused Pages”.


Now all you have to do is move your new link into your Side Navigation area; simply click, drag, and drop the link into place! Don’t forget to hit “Save” when you’re done.


When you back to your Club/League home page, you’ll find your new link in your Side Navigation.  Now when you or your team member’s select your new link it will point to your uploaded document.


Now you can easily create links to any important Club/League documents and post them in your Side Navigation for easy access. Try it out!

*Use this tip to create a link and have it point to any location on your TeamPage.  For instance, try creating a link that will point to your team photos!*

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