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You can find the new navigation tool in your club/league settings under “Menus & Pages”. With this tool, you have the freedom to customize the layout and organization of your top and side navigation menus, giving your page a more customized look and feel, as well as allowing for more simple navigation.

Here’s a brief summary of the great features offered with our new navigation tool:

  • Click, drag and drop! Customize the layout and order of your top and side navigation items with a simple click of the mouse
  • Create new pages and links  and instantly organize them into your top or side navigation navigation
  • Create categories to contain/organize the links and pages that you create

To access your navigation tool go to your Club/League settings and select, “Menu & Pages”:


Welcome to your navigational tool!  From this setting, you will be able to customize and organize items into 3 main navigational sections:

  • Top Navigation
  • Side Navigation
  • Unused


  • The Top and Side Navigation refer to the following areas on your Club/League page:


  • The Unused area of the navigational tool refers to an area where you can temporarily store  links and  pages that you may not want visible on your page at a certain time of the season.  For example,  perhaps your season is well under way and you no longer want to display a registration link on your page.  What you can do is store the link in the “Unused” section to temporarily remove it from sight on your page, until you feel the need to retrieve it and move it back onto one of your navigational menus.
  • Plainly said, anything that is stored under “Unused” will not be displayed on your page but can be used in the future


Creating a new page

In your navigational tool you can create custom pages and links on the fly and immediately incorporate them in either of your navigational menus. To create a new page, simply select the link in the top right corner:


Create a name for the title of your page, and enter the desired content into the page editor:


When you go back to “Menu & Pages” in your Club Settings you will find your new page listed under “Unused”.


Creating a link:

You can create a custom link in the same manner, by selecting “New Link” in the top-right corner:


Enter a title for your link, the web address, and set your privacy setting.  Hit “Save” when finished


Similarly, once you create a new link it will automatically be stored under “Unused”:


Now this is where the real fun begins. Once you have created your pages and links, you can start moving them into any place you like with a simple click-drag-drop of the mouse.

  • Simply select the item using your mouse
  • Drag it into your desired location
  • While dragging the item, you’ll notice a little green check mark indicating that you can drop the item into place


Usually,  links and pages are typically placed in the Side Navigation area, but feel free to put them anywhere you like.  This navigation tool is all about allowing you to design your team page the way you want and making navigation easier for you and your team members.

Keep an eye out for the next blog post, which will go over creating new categories for your top and side navigation menus. This will allow you to organize your links and pages into a single category to allow for  better organization and easier navigation!

Click  and drop it like it’s hot!

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