Last Week’s Site Launch and a Lesson Learned!


First off, I would like to extend our sincerest apologies on behalf of the TeamPages family for the confusion and inconvenience with your team page during the last week.  As much as we strive for a seamless launch, sometimes it doesn’t go quite as well as expected. And, well, sometimes it  just hits the fan.

Here’s a brief summary of last’s weeks debacle: last weekend, we launched a new navigation tool for all club and league sites that allows you to customize your top and side navigation items.  What also happened in consequence of the launch was that your side navigation links were inadvertently hidden from your page – they were placed in the “Unused” section of your “Menu & Pages” which made your links seem to have vanished (if this doesn’t make much sense, it will very soon!). Also, to compound the problem even more, the new navigational tool itself wasn’t functioning quite as it should have.

We know, we messed this one up pretty badly and we take full responsibility over the whole launch process.  However, after a hectic and tumultuous week of tracking down all the issues and with your patience and feedback, the majority of the bugs have been resolved and your team page should now be up and rocking as per usual.

We’ve definitely taken this experience as a lesson learned.  Once again, we appreciate your patience and all your feedback. With your help over the past week, we hope that we’ve built an even stronger product and made it even easier to use.  Now that is what I call team work!

The TeamPages Family

Mark Aquino

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