Getting Started: Adding Documents


Our documents section is a great way to share information to the entire team and a great place to store documents and important information that the team may need to know. You can also upload documents here and share the documents within your page (adding it as a link in a widget, sharing it in the news, etc).

With our basic package, you can upload up to 5 documents, while our Pro packages allow unlimited uploading.

How to upload documents:

1. Click on Add a Document


2. A screen will pop up for you to upload the document. You are also able to set privacy settings on the document itself allowing either Everyone, Fans and League Members, Team Members or Administrators to view it. Here you can create folders to organize your documents.

new document

3. Click upload and you’re done!


How to share your document:

Once you upload your document, you are able to share it with others (depending on the settings you have set for the document. If you click on the document, the document will preview in it’s own tab.  Use this URL to share this document.

You can also add a document to your navigation by creating a ‘new link’ the ‘pages and links’ settings area of your website. Paste the URL of the document here to add it as a navigation link.


Any more questions about documents? Call us at 1-800-500-7203 or email us at


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2 comments on “Getting Started: Adding Documents

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    If you are using our club package, you can upload documents to the club, which would then be available to member teams. If your teams are not in a league or club, or if you want to upload a document to only a few teams in a league or club, there is currently no way to do that at this time.

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