Product Update: Our Calendar


The calendar function on our site has to be the most-used feature and we always get feedback on how to improve – don’t worry, we really do listen! Here’s how our new calendar looks:


New features of our calendar:

  • Differentiation between event types
  • More information available on the monthly calendar view
  • Multiple view options (agenda, weekly, daily)
  • All day/multi-day events are more clear
  • Love it or hate it? Tell us! We’d love to hear your feedback or 1-800-500-7203


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    7 comments on “Product Update: Our Calendar

    1. I don’t see the subscribe button any longer – am I just overlooking it? Loved that feature and use it every season to synch team events into my iCal.

      • Hi Robin,

        Yes, the button has moved. It is now located on “My Calendar” rather than your team calendar. When you log in, click the “My Calendar” tab at the top and on the top right hand corner above the calendar, you will see a subscribe link.

    2. Teresa – I am follwoing your instructions, but I don’t see any “subscribe lnk.” I see two links in that location: 1) “Printable schedule” & 2) “Create a personal event.”

      Like Robin wrote, the iCal feed ability is absolutely essential …

      • Hi Mark!

        Having the ability to sync your TeamPages Calendar with iCal is one of our premium features and isn’t available with the free Team Basic account, which is why you’re probably not seeing the “Subscribe Link”. With our Team Pro package at $53.95/yr, not only will you have that added feature of calendar syncing, but you’ll also have the ability to: customize your TeamPage with banners and backgrounds, upload unlimited photos, send team text messages, add custom widgets (like paypal integration, or an ESPN score tracker), and archive past seasons. To take your TeamPage to that next level you can go Team Pro Ad-Free at $65.95/yr – you’ll get all those Pro features, plus you’ll have the added functionality of having a sponsor showcase section, as well as achieving that clean professional look to your site. completely ad-free!. For more on our pro packages, check out, or feel free to give me a shout on our toll-free number 1-800-500-7203.

      • Thanks for taking the time to comment. While we agree TeamSnap is a an easy product to use, many of our customers love how customizable TeamPages is as well as some of the features we support that they don’t.

        That said, we’re also always looking for ways to improve our user experience so any specific feedback as to how we might be able to improve our calendaring would be much appreciated.

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